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Industry Talk

Dear customers and friends from the event industry, welcome to the Industry Talk 2020. If you missed our stream on March 31, or would like to see it again, you can access it here.


Marcel Courth, Editor in Chief at Production Partner, led the discussion.


The participants Markus Graser (CEO at Clay Paky), Simon Kropp (Editor in Chief at Event Rookie), Namm CEO and President Joe Lamond, Luca Lastrucci (CEO of Powersoft), Markus Pohl (Chairman of the Board of ISDV and President of IGVW), Nico Ubenauf (CEO at satis & fy) and Alexander Pietschmann (CEO of the Adam Hall Group), discussed the effects, risks and opportunities of Covid-19 on the event industry, as well as, possible solutions and the prospects for the future.


We will get through this together.

Marcel Courth: Welcome and introduction of participants


Alexander Pietschmann on the current situation at Adam Hall


Luca Lastrucci about the conditions in Italy


Marcus Graser explains the situation and its effects at ClayPaky


Joe Lamond about the position of the USA


Simon Kropp talks about the role and view of the media


Nico Ubenauf explains the "jetzt sonst" campaign and ist perception by politicians


Marcus Pohl about a survey in the industry and the view of associations


Joe Lamond on lobbying of the event industry in the USA


Marcus Graser about the challenges after the Corona Crisis


Marcus Pohl on the situation of selfemployed people in the industry


Luca Lastrucci about the consequences for the industry and how to deal with it as a manufacturer 


Simon Kropp explains how industry magazines cope with the challenges of the crisis


Nico Ubenauf: the demand for live events will be even stronger after the crisis


Alexander Pietschmann: future mega trends in the event industry


Joe Lamond on success criteria for events and the event industry


Marcus Graser about the effects on product development at Clay Paky and the industry


Marcus Pohl about future challenges and changes in the industry


Alexander Pietschmann: closing statement


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Alexander Pietschmann
Host / CEO, Adam Hall Group
Joe Lamond
President / CEO, NAMM
Luca Lastrucci
CEO / Co-Founder, Powersoft S.p.A.
Marcus Graser
CEO & Consigliere Delegato Clay Paky S.p.A. / Head of OSRAM Entertainment Lighting Solutions
Simon Kropp
Editor In Chief, EventRookie
Nico Ubenauf
CEO, Satis&fy
Marcus Pohl
Chairman, ISDV & President, IGVW
Marcel Courth
Moderator / Chief Editor, Production Partner

Initiatives demanding State Aid for the Event Industry

On both - national and international level - many affected companies support initiators of petitions calling for emergency aid, tax measures and further support from the state. A large number of companies also show great solidarity with aid campaigns as well. We would like to present some of the important petitions and exciting initiatives to you. 



„Jetzt-sonst“ |

„Production Partner“ |

 Initiative für die Veranstaltungswirtschaft (VT STAGE) |

STAGE 223 |

Verband für Medien- und Veranstaltungstechnik |

Event Partner |


mothergrid |


#weareyoursummer - Eine Initiative der Festival-Dienstleister|



Europe / International




“Covid-19 Federal Aid Package for Events Industry” via |

“Appello per il settore dello Spettacolo dal vivo e dell'industria del Cinema” via |

« La culture française est infectée par le coronavirus!!!!! » via |

“Налоговые каникулы для бизнеса в сфере ивент услуг в связи с covid-19” via |

“Government to offer economic assistance to the events industry during COVID-19” via Paliament UK |

“COVID-19 Pandemic Unemployment Payment” via |

„Stanowisko przedstawicieli branży mice dot. Sytuacji związanej z koronawirusem (sars-cov-2)” |

Virtual Tradeshow

Product Highlights 2020

We recorded the Virtual Tradeshow with product highlights from the Adam Hall Group. You access it here at any time from March 31 at 10 a.m. CET.