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Good prospects for Adam Hall Group partners – our suppliers stand for professionalism and sustainability.

Success through strong partners

Adam Hall Group is both a globally operating manufacturer and distribution company. Efficient in-house teams and well-organised domestic and international sales representatives make it possible to provide focused and customer-friendly support for our business partners in the sectors of professional audio, lighting and event technology, and the specialist music stockist industry and associated industries.


This combined with modern logistics and the company's excellent infrastructure provides significant advantages for our suppliers, with whom we maintain long-term and partner-like relationships. The company headquarters in Neu-Anspach, Hesse, is close to the metropolitan region of Frankfurt am Main, and is well-served by an ideal connection to Germany's largest airport, the central freight yard and a dense network of motorways nearby. Important ports such as Hamburg, Bremerhaven and Rotterdam are also quickly accessible. Steady expansion, which has led to an increasingly dense global network of customers, now in over 90 countries, makes the products in our numerous brands, as well as the distribution ranges, available around the world. That's why, in addition to our main warehouse at the German company headquarters, we also maintain a duty-free warehouse in the eastern Chinese coastal city of Ningbo, for supply of the Asian and South American markets.


Being able to present our many brands close to the market is very important to us. Like the company headquarters in Neu-Anspach, which has exhibition rooms suitable for presentation of the entire product range, Adam Hall Asia Pte Ltd (Singapore), which is a 100% subsidiary of Adam Hall GmbH, will also open a large showroom in 2015. This concept, which has been successful from the very start, was expanded with the opening of another showroom in Barcelona.  This gives customers from southern Europe an opportunity to learn about all the products on location, and to test them out properly. With these three large showrooms, we ensure that our customers and partners are well informed and up-to-date regarding our range and offers.


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Our expectations of suppliers

Research, development, design and engineering are carried out at our company headquarters in Germany. Long-standing production partners now manufacture approx. 70% of all Adam Hall Group products at international locations, and 30% at German or European locations.  Quality management ensures the required high technical production quality, the specified performance and the quality of components and of final production. We do regular audits ourselves, and also work with recognized auditing institutes such as TÜV, VDE, DEKRA and SGS. We have high demands when it comes to the sustainability of all processes, and naturally also involve our supply partners.


The Adam Hall Group Code of Conduct is based on discoveries made and guidelines for a company with a modern management and which is ethically committed to responsible dealings with people and the environment. We are convinced that global partnerships, competitiveness and success can only be achieved with trust, authenticity and a good reputation. By also aiming for integrity, fairness and absolute reliability in all our processes, we can also expect the same in return from our business partners. For years our focus has been on ground-breaking technology and products. But we know that innovation requires a longer timeline, which is why we need long-term relationships with suppliers. And that's what our company has always aimed for. For our own benefit, but also for the benefit of our partners, which is equally important to us.


Your contact persons

Viktor Wiesner
Senior Product Manager,
Pro Audio
Daniel Wrase
Product Manager,
Light Technology
Robin Henlich
Senior Product Manager,
Pro Audio, Stage Equipment & Flightcase
Gabriel Alonso Calvillo
Product Manager,
Integrated Systems