Adam Hall Group

Adam Hall Group Whistleblower System

The Whistleblower Protection Act (HinSchG) is the German implementation of the so-called EU Whistleblower Directive (EU 2019/1937). The aim of the HinSchG is to protect persons who have obtained information about violations during the course of their professional activities and report them.


Adam Hall Group has set up the following whistleblower system and accepts tips about breaches of regulations. It is an important element of good corporate governance. Compliance with laws and internal regulations is a high priority for the Adam Hall Group. Misconduct must therefore be recognised at an early stage. This whistleblower system has been set up in order to deal fairly and appropriately with information about violations that pose a high risk to the company, its employees and other persons. It enables employees worldwide – as well as external whistleblowers – to report breaches of the rules. In this way, Adam Hall Group is made aware of possible risks, can prevent damage to the company, its employees and third parties, and can protect persons harmed by misconduct.


High-risk breaches include, but are not limited to:
  • Corruption, antitrust and money laundering offences
  • Breaches of technical specifications or violations of environmental regulations
  • Personal issues, such as sexual harassment or human rights violations
  • Supply chain violations arising from the economic activities of our company in its own business or of a direct or indirect supplier of our company

Adam Hall Group encourages anyone inside or outside the company who observes – or has reason to suspect – violations of the rules in connection with Adam Hall Group to use this whistleblower system without fear of reprisal and to make the report openly.


Whistleblowers who report possible violations on the basis of concrete indications areprotected by the company. The confidentiality and integrity of their statements are guaranteed. Employees who feel they have suffered disadvantage as a result of reporting a violation will also be protected. Discrimination or intimidation of workers for reporting a violation is a violation of our Code of Conduct and will result in disciplinary action underlabour law.


Reports of violations are always handled confidentially through the whistleblowing system. Adam Hall Group's internal whistleblowing channel and whistleblowing officer is:


Mr. Sven Wagner (Chief Financial Officer)
Adam Hall Str. 1
61267 Neu-Anspach
+49 (0) 6081 9419-210


If you have specific information about high-risk breaches of regulations in connection with the business activities of the Adam Hall Group, you can contact us using the following reporting channels:



NOTE: Please only submit a report if you have sufficient reason to believe that the things you have reported are genuinely true. Any false reports may cause damage to the persons or legal entities reported or may incriminate you. Therefore, please check your report carefully before sending it. You should be convinced of the accuracy of the information provided to the best of your knowledge and belief. We will confirm receipt of your report within seven days. Within three months at the latest after confirmation of receipt of the report, we will inform you of any follow-up measures planned or action already taken. When setting up and implementing the internal reporting procedure, we comply with all legal conditions of data protection.