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Experience Center

Experience Center

The future of event technology begins here.

Experience together

More and more people can now implement their creative ideas, share emotions and exchange inspired moments in our Experience Center. It has been designed precisely for this purpose and has already won the renowned Architecture MasterPrize™ (AMP), Art Directors Club (ADC), ICONIC AWARDS and German Design Award 2019. At Adam-Hall-Str. 1, near Frankfurt am Main, business customers, partners, associations and employees come together and experience event technology first-hand. Whether in a fully equipped showroom, in the large auditorium for live shows and product demonstrations, in the newly founded Adam Hall Academy, or during a relaxed exchange in the company restaurant Come Together. The Experience Center is also essential for technical development. It houses an anechoic measuring room, various endurance and climatic test rigs, a photometric laboratory and ample space for modelling and 3D prototyping. Innovation, engineering and aesthetics go hand in hand here. All under one roof for makers who translate customer wishes for event technology into reality again and again.

Grand Opening

June 19th, 2018 – Adam Hall Group Opens Doors To Its Experience Center With Grand Opening Celebration.

2nd Annual Event.Tech Days

October 29th and 30th, 2019 - The Adam Hall Group Organized the Second Edition of its Event.Tech Days

Night of Light

22 June 2020 – Red Alert – Adam Hall Group and BigCityBeats provide the soundtrack for the Night of Light.

We are LIVE

30 June 2021 – Adam Hall Group sends out a “Restart” signal to the event industry.


25. April 2022 – Event.Tech Special Pre-Event Prolight + Sound 2022

Making Of Surround Experience

25th April 2023 - Launch of our immersive 7.1. Surround Experience in our HQ in Germany. Check out the making-off and book your personal experience.

Experience engineering

A heart (hertz) for quality

In order to ensure that you can optimally implement your ideas with our sound products, we put them through their paces in advance. This includes the new, completely soundproof, low-reflection audio measuring room in our Experience Center. With its “room-in-room concept”, it is completely decoupled from the building and offers our specialists the possibility to carry out measurements from 63 Hz to 30,000 Hz.

For this purpose, the 7 metre-high room is equipped with 125 cm-long mineral fibre wedges to reduce disturbing reflections, a robot arm to measure the three-dimensional radiation behaviour of loudspeakers and a horizontal turntable for microphone measurements. And if you close the door from the inside, you can hear your own heartbeat.

Let there be light

Even in the light laboratory there is deep darkness at the beginning. At 15 m long and 7 m high. So that light distribution or, for example, projection sharpness can be measured effectively. The equipment includes an integrating sphere for measuring the complete amount of light and a LUX meter for measuring illuminance. And, of course, the measurement of laser power is also possible here.

High-tech for high frequencies

Of course, even high-frequency signals must first be clearly measured before our products reach the customer. The new high-frequency shielding chamber (EMC), from which high-frequency radio signals can neither penetrate to the outside nor be disturbed from the outside, serves this purpose. Thanks to the highly absorbent wedges, EMC achieves almost free-field conditions.


Adam Hall Showrooms

Look, touch, listen – Experience our professional event technology portfolio and our brands up close and live. Visit us in one of our modern showrooms in Barcelona, the USA, in the NicLen Warehouse in the UK or in the Experience Center in the German headquarters of Adam Hall Group. We look forward to welcoming you personally in a cosy atmosphere even outside the trade fairs.


Please arrange an appointment with us. We are happy to take the time for individual demonstrations and are always ready to listen to your personal wishes.

Our locations

Please book in advance for visits to our showrooms.



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Please book in advance for visits to our showrooms.


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