Data protection information

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As part of your use of this website, we will process your personal data as the data controller responsible for the processing of data and store it for the duration required to fulfil the defined purposes and statutory obligations. Below we inform you as to which data is concerned, how it is processed and what rights you are entitled to in this regard.


Personal data are, in accordance with art. 4 (1) General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), all information which refers to an identified or identifiable natural person (hereinafter “Person Concerned or User”).

1. Name and contact information of the data controller

This data protection information applies to the data processing on the website by the data controller:


     Adam Hall GmbH

     represented by the managing directors Markus Jahnel, Alexander Pietschmann

     Adam-Hall-Str. 1

     61267 Neu-Anspach



     (hereinafter „Adam Hall“)


     Phone:    +49 6081 9419-0



The appointed data protection officer is


     gds Gesellschaft für Datenschutz Mittelhessen mbH

     Auf der Appeling 8

     D-35043 Marburg-Cappel



     Tel. 06421 804 13 10.


When contacting us by e-mail or by post, please use the suffix „Adam Hall“.


2. Processing of personal data and purposes of processing

a) Web hosting


To ensure that this website functions, we use the web hosting service of SysEleven GmbH, Ohlauer Str. 43 Aufgang C, 10999 Berlin, Germany (hereinafter “SysEleven”) as well as the service provider dasistweb GmbH, Bergfeldstraße 11, D-83607 Holzkirchen, Germany (hereinafter “dasistweb”). Dasistweb takes care of the applications used in cooperation with SysEleven.


The provision of a website requires the engagement of a web hosting service. The use of SysEleven complies with art. 6 (1) sentence 1 f) GDPR on the basis of our legitimate economic interest to make our offering available on this website.


In connection with the hosting, SysEleven and dasistweb process personal data on our behalf arising during the following actions by the User:


  • When visiting the website
  • When subscribing to the newsletter
  • When using the contact form


We have a concluded an order processing contract with SysEleven and dasistweb. Through this contract, the service providers ensure that they process the data in accordance with the GDPR and protect the rights of the Persons Concerned.


b) Visiting the website


You can view the website without having to disclose any information about your identity. The browser used on your device sends information automatically to our website’s server only (e.g. your computer’s operating system and the browser you are using, the name of your internet access provider, the name and URL of the file requested, the date and time of access, the website from which the access is carried out).


This also includes the IP address of your device making the request. This is saved temporarily in a log file and is generally deleted automatically after 30 days:


The IP address is processed for technical and administrative purposes in order to establish a stable connection, to ensure the security and functionality of our website and to be able to track any illegal attacks if necessary.


The legal basis for the processing IP addresses is art. 6 (1) sentence 1 f) GDPR. Our legitimate interest flows from the aforementioned interest in maintaining security and the need to ensure that our website functions smoothly.


We cannot deduce your identity directly based on the processing of the IP address and other information in the log file. 


We also use cookies and analysis services when Users visit our website. You can find further details in sections 4 and 5 of this data protection statement.


c) Using the contact form


We offer you the possibility of contacting us via a contact form available on the website. This requires that you specify the following information:


  • name
  • email address
  • the subject and
  • your message

 We need your data to determine who has submitted the request and to be able to respond to and process this request. 


You can also provide the name of your company, industry and address voluntarily in order to improve the processing of any queries.


Data is processed in response to your request and is based on our legitimate interest in accordance with art. 6 (1) sentence 1 f) GDPR in connection with the response to a request submitted via the contact form. The personal data that we collect for the use of the contact form is deleted automatically after your request has been dealt with.


We use the customer relationship management system of Freshworks Inc., 1250 Bayhill Drive, Suite 315, San Bruno, CA 94066, USA (hereinafter “Freshworks”) based on our legitimate interest in accordance with art. 6 (1) f) GDPR for the purpose of processing your request submitted via the contact form. 


The personal data that you submit is sent to Freshworks on our account and stored on its servers in the USA. Freshworks follows the data protection provisions of the US Privacy Shield and is registered with the US Privacy Shield programme of the US Department of Commerce.


You can find more information about data protection in connection with Freshworks in its privacy policy.


For requests from customers in the USA and Canada, requests of Adam Hall North America Inc, 1 S. Corporate Dr., Riverdale, NJ 07457 are managed in connection with the task management application Smartsheet of Smartsheet Inc., Attn.: Legal Department, 10500 NE 8th Street, Suite 1300, Bellevue WA 98004 (hereinafter “Smartsheet”).


The personal data that you submit is sent to Smartsheet on the account of Adam Hall North America and stored on its servers in the USA. Smartsheet follows the data protection provisions of the US Privacy Shield and is registered with the US Privacy Shield programme of the US Department of Commerce.


You can find more information about data protection in connection with Smartsheet in its privacy policy


d) Subscribing to our newsletter


If you have given your express consent in accordance with art. 6 (1) sentence 1 a) GDPR, we will use your email address to send you our newsletter regularly, which may be personalised, to inform you about offers, promotions, events and our brand. You must specify a valid email address to receive the newsletter. 


You will then receive a subscription message by email which you must confirm to receive the newsletter (double opt-in). This serves as proof for us that the subscription was actually initiated by you.


We send the newsletter, in personalised form if applicable, via the provider Inxmail of Inxmail GmbH, Wentzingerstr. 17, 79106 Freiburg, Germany (hereinafter “Inxmail”).


With Inxmail, we are able to measure and analyse the behaviour of the recipients of our newsletter. This includes the opening, click, bounce, delivery, unsubscribe and conversion rates. This analysis is also carried out by web beacons. A web beacon is a graphic image the size of one pixel which is placed in the email. Web beacons collect information such as IP address, browser type/version, email client and the time of the request. Web beacons can also be used to track who opens the email and clicks on the links contained therein. However, it is not our aim, nor Inxmail’s aim, to observe individual users. User behaviour is analysed in order to identify reading habits and to target content accordingly, to measure the success of email campaigns and to improve our offering and the offering of Inxmail.


It is possible to unsubscribe at any time, e.g. via a link at the bottom of every newsletter. Alternatively, you can also inform us of your wish to unsubscribe by sending an email to the following address:


We will delete your email address immediately after you withdraw your consent, provided there is no other justification for storage.


e) When using the application form


We offer candidates the opportunity to use an application form to apply directly for vacancies advertised on our website. The following information is mandatory:


  • Name
  • E-mail address 
  • Telephone number 
  • Cover letter/message
  • CV/resumé



We need your data to determine who has made the application and to be able to process and reply to it.


The data is processed upon your request and is supported in the context of the reply to a contact request in our legitimate interests according to section 6 para. 1 lit. f GDPR. The data collected by us for the use of the application form will be deleted automatically 180 days after the request made by you.


On the basis of our legitimate interest according to section 6, paragraph 1, lit. f GDPR, we use it for the purpose of processing your contact request to the applicant management system Recruitee B.V., Johan Huizingalaan 763A 1066 VH Amsterdam, (hereafter "Recruitee").


In this case, the personal data provided by you on our behalf is transferred to Recruitee and stored on its servers.


For further information on data protection in the context of Recruitee, please consult the Privacy Statement.

3. Sharing of personal data with third parties

If this is legally permissible and required under art. 6 (1) sentence 1 b) GDPR to manage contractual relations with you or is required in accordance with art. 6 (1) f) to protect our interests or the interests of third parties, your personal data will be shared with third parties. The shared data may be used by the third parties for the aforementioned purposes only.


Your personal data may also be shared where


  • you have given your express consent to this effect in accordance with art. 6 (1) sentence 1 a) GDPR, and
  • disclosure is a legal obligation in accordance with art. 6 (1) sentence 1 c) GDPR.


The sharing of personal data with a third country or an international organisation is excluded.

4. Cookies

We use cookies on our website. Cookies are small files generated automatically by your browser which are saved on your device (laptop, tablet, smartphone, etc.) when you visit our website. Cookies do not damage your device and do not contain any viruses, Trojans or other malware.


Information is stored in the cookie which is generated in connection with the specific device used. However, this does not mean that we then receive direct knowledge of your identity.


One reason why we use cookies is to make your experience of our offering more pleasant. For this purpose, we use session cookies to recognise that you have previously visited specific pages of our website.


In addition, we also use temporary cookies to optimise the user experience, which are saved on your device for a certain fixed period of time. If you visit our website again to use our services, you will be recognised automatically as a repeat visitor and the information you submitted and the settings you selected will be remembered so that you do not need to enter these again.


Another reason why we use cookies is to generate statistics about the use of our website and to analyse this use for the purpose of improving our offering to you (see section 5). These cookies enable us to recognise when you return to our website if you have visited in the past. These cookies are deleted automatically after a certain defined period of time.


In the case of the use of technically mandatory cookies for the presentation and necessary functions of our website, the legal basis is § 25 para. 2 TTDSG and Art. Art. 6 para. 1 p. 1 lit. f GDPR (legitimate interest). Insofar as we do not use technically mandatory cookies for the presentation and necessary functions of our website, we require your consent, which you can give in our Consent Manager when you first access our site and subsequently manage at any time. The legal basis for the use of these cookies is § 25 para. 1 p. 1 TTDSG and Art. 6 para. 1 p. 1 lit. a GDPR.


Most browsers accept cookies automatically. However, you can configure your browser so that no cookies are saved on your computer or so that a message always appears before a new cookie is installed. However, completely disabling cookies may mean that you are unable to use all the features of our website.

The list of all cookies used, the description of the legally required information on the individual cookies and the (de)activation of your consent(s) can be found at this link and listed below:




5. Pingdom

We use Pingdom, a web analysis service of SolarWinds Worldwide, LLC 7171 Southwest Parkway, Bldg 400, Austin, Texas 78735 (hereinafter: “Pingdom”) on our website on the basis of our legitimate economic interest in accordance with art. 6 (1) sentence 1 f) GDPR. With Pingdom, we are able to monitor the performance of our website and to ensure that it remains available and easy to use.


This involves the use of measurements of the duration of use, page speed and user information in order to ensure that our web pages are available and that the access and loading times in the different regions of the world, including in connection with different browser versions, enable our users to have a satisfactory user experience. When a page is requested, data such as the following is processed:


  • Browser type/version
  • The operating system used
  • Attributes that generate information regarding the context in which the page is viewed and how the page loads and the asynchronous reload of page components behave
  • The host name of the accessing computer (IP address)
  • The time of the server request.


Pingdom follows the data protection provisions of the US Privacy Shield and is registered with the US Privacy Shield programme of the US Department of Commerce. In the event of complaints against Pingdom which concern this agreement, you can take part in a dispute resolution procedure in this case.


You can find more information about data protection in connection with Pingdom here.

6. Web analysis: Google Analytics

Function description

We use Google Analytics to analyse website usage. The data obtained from this is used to optimise our website and advertising measures.


The Google Signals service is also used as an extension of Google Analytics 4. With Google Signals, we can enable cross-device tracking. This makes it possible to assign a single website visitor with different end devices and thus to assign several website visits of a single visitor exclusively to this visitor.


Processing company

Google Ireland Ltd
Gordon House, Barrow Street
Dublin 4


Data processing purposes

This list represents the purposes of data collection and processing:
Website optimisation


Technologies used

This list contains all the technologies used by this service to collect data. Typical technologies are cookies and pixels that are placed in the browser: Cookies


Collected data

This list contains all (personal) data collected by or through the use of this service:

  • Measure ad visibility
  • Timestamp
  • Track clicks on ads
  • IP
  • Track time and date
  • Tracking the user device
  • Tracking the user location
  • Visitor behaviour
  • User agent
  • Language
  • Visited website
  • Time zone
  • Browser information (e.g. browser version)
  • Device information (e.g. advertising ID)
  • Purchase information (e.g. basket value)
  • Payment information (e.g. payment method)
  • Marketing information (e.g. ad click ID)
  • Behavioural data (e.g. surfing behaviour)


Legal basis

The following is the required legal basis for the processing of data: Art. 6 para. 1 p. 1 lit. a GDPR, § 25 para. 1 p. 1 TTDSG


Place of processing

This is the primary place where the collected data is processed. If the data is also processed in other countries, you will be informed separately.

  • European Union


Disclosure to third countries

This provider may transfer, store or process your personal data outside the EEA/EU. These countries may not have the same level of data protection and the enforcement of your rights may be limited or not possible.

  • USA


Storage period

The retention period is the length of time that the collected data is stored for processing. The data must be deleted as soon as they are no longer needed for the specified processing purposes.The data will be deleted as soon as they are no longer needed for the processing purposes. The duration of the storage is for the cookies set:


Cookie nameExample valueExpiry timePurposeDomain
_ga GA1.2.1622286965.1572860213 730 days Measurement
_gat_* 1 1 minutes Measurement
_gid GA1.2.611216076.1572860213 1 days Measurement


7. Google Tag Manager

We use the tool Google Tag Manager of Google Inc., 1600 Amphitheatre Parkway, Mountain View, CA 94043, USA (hereinafter: “Google”) on our website. With Google Tag Manager we manage the tools about which we inform you in this data protection statement. You can therefore find details regarding these tools from the information on the specific tool.


The Tool Tag Manager itself (which implements the tags) is a cookieless domain. The tool triggers other tags, which in turn may collect data. Google Tag Manager does not access this data. If deactivation has been made at the domain or cookie level, it will remain in effect for all tracking tags implemented with Google Tag Manager.


You can find more information about Google Tag Manager in the user guidelines for this product.

8. YouTube player

We use components (videos) of the company YouTube, LLC 901 Cherry Ave., 94066 San Bruno, CA, USA (hereinafter: “YouTube”), a company of Google Inc., Amphitheatre Parkway, Mountain View, CA 94043, USA (hereinafter: “Google”), on our website on the basis of consent in accordance with art. 6 (1) sentence 1 a) GDPR.


In this regard, we use the “extended data protection mode” option provided by YouTube.


If you request a page which contains an embedded video, a connection will be established with YouTube’s servers, thereby enabling the content to be displayed on the website by notifying your browser.


According to information from YouTube, in “extended data protection mode” your data - especially which of our web pages you have visited and device-specific information, including the IP address - is only sent to the YouTube server in the USA if you watch the video. By clicking on the video, you consent to this transmission of data.


If you are simultaneously logged into YouTube, this information will be attributed to your account by YouTube. You can prevent this by logging out of your user account before you visit our website.


Google follows the data protection provisions of the US Privacy Shield and is registered with the US Privacy Shield programme of the US Department of Commerce.

9. Google Maps

We use the offering of Google Maps of Google Inc., 1600 Amphitheatre Parkway, Mountain View, CA 94043, USA (hereinafter: “Google”) on our website to display an interactive map based on your consent in accordance with art. 6 (1) a) GDPR. Through the implementation, Google collects device-related information, log data including the IP address, and location-related information.


The personal data collected by Google is sent to a Google server in the USA and saved there. Google follows the data protection provisions of the US Privacy Shield and is registered with the US Privacy Shield programme of the US Department of Commerce.


Google uses the personal data to analyse the use of the website, to compile reports about website activities and to provide further services associated with the use of the website and the internet for the purposes of market research and to tailor this website to meet its users’ needs. This information may also be shared by Google with third parties if this is legally required or if third parties are engaged to process this data.


You can, however, prevent any data transfer from the Google Maps application to Google’s servers by disabling JavaScript in your browser. However, in this case, you will not be able to use the map display. 


You can find more information about data protection in connection with Google Maps in Google’s privacy policy.

10. Rights of those concerned

You have the right: 


  • in accordance with art. 7 (3) GDPR to withdraw, at any time, the consent you have previously given us. This means that we will no longer be able to process data in the future on the basis of this consent;
  • in accordance with art. 15 GDPR to request information about your personal data that we process. In particular, you can request information regarding the purpose of processing, the category of the personal data, the categories of recipients to whom your data has been or will be disclosed, the intended duration of storage, the existence of a right to correction, deletion, restriction of processing or to object, the existence of a right to appeal, the origin of your data if this was not collected by us, and the existence of any automated decision-making process, including profiling and, if applicable, meaningful information about the details of any such process.
  • in accordance with art. 16 GDPR to request that your personal data stored by us be corrected, if it contains an inaccuracy, or completed immediately;
  • in accordance with art. 17 GDPR to request the deletion of our personal data stored by us, provided the processing is not required to exercise the right to freedom of speech and information, to meet a legal obligation, for reasons in the public interest or to assert, exercise or protect legal rights;
  • in accordance with art. 18 GDPR to request the restricted processing of your personal data if you dispute the accuracy of the data, the processing is unlawful, you refuse deletion even though we no longer need the data but you need the data to assert, exercise or protect legal rights or you have filed an objection against processing in accordance with art. 21 GDPR;
  • in accordance with art. 20 GDPR to request to receive your personal data, which you submitted to us, in a structured, practicable and machine-readable format or that it be sent to a different data controller, and
  • in accordance with art. 77 GDPR to file a complaint with a supervisory authority. Generally, you can contact the supervisory authority of your usual place of residence or place of work or of the place of our company’s registered office.

11. Information about your right to object under art. 21 GDPR

You have the right, for reasons arising from your special situation, to file an objection at any time against the processing of personal data concerning you which is based on art. 6 (1) e) GDPR (data processing in the public interest) and art. 6 (1) f) GDPR (data processing on the basis of a weighing of interests); this also applies to any profiling based on this provision in art. 4 (4) GDPR.


If you file an objection, we will no longer process your personal data unless we are able to prove that there are compelling reasons, worthy of protection, for the processing which outweigh your interests, rights and freedoms, or the processing is for the purpose of asserting, exercising or protecting legal rights.


If your objection is against the processing of data which is for the purpose of direct advertising, we will stop the data processing immediately. In this case, it is not necessary to specify a special situation. This also applies to profiling if it is connected with direct advertising.


If you would like to exercise your right to object, simply send an email to

12. Data security

All the personal data that you submit is transmitted in encrypted form using the generally customary and secure standard TLS (Transport Layer Security). TLS is a secure and proven standard which is also used in online banking, for example. You can recognise a secure TLS connection by the s at the end of the http (i.e. https://..) in the address bar of your browser or by the lock symbol at the bottom of your browser.


We also use suitable technical and organisational security measures to protect your data against accidental or intentional manipulation, partial or complete loss, destruction or unauthorised access by third parties. Our security measures are continuously improved to keep up with the latest technological developments.

13. Latest version and changes to this data protection statement

This data protection statement is currently valid as at January 2023.


It may be necessary to amend this data protection statement due to the further development of our website and offers or because of changes in legal and administrative rules. You can view and print out the latest version of the data protection statement on the website at