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Distribution Brands


Best known for their model 500/1 aka the “Beatle bass”, Höfner has been manufacturing musical instruments since 1887. Today, Höfner offers acoustic, classical and electric guitars, archtops, basses and bowed string instruments ranging from student models to master-built instruments, and a line of handmade effects pedals recreates classic 60ies and 70ies tones.

Only available in USA & Canada.


The ambitious guitarist appreciates the exceptional quality of the handmade instruments from the Australian family owned company Maton. Since its foundation in 1946, the guitar and violin makers from Melbourne have pursued their craftsmanship with great passion and attention to detail. From the selection and processing of local woods to the polishing of the frets.

Only available in USA.


With amplifier heads and combos, speaker cabinets and effects pedals, EBS manufactures dedicated equipment for bass players. Designed for outstanding performance and delivering natural and transparent tones, the award-winning EBS products are highly professional tools that are built to last and support the musician and his instrument.

Only available in USA.

Mad Professor

Starting in 2002, Mad Professor has quickly become one of the most respected names among guitar players. The Finnish manufacturer offers an ever growing palette of boutique stompboxes that are appreciated by professionals and tone tweakers all over the world. Consequently, Mad Professor amplifiers provide a great pedal platform.

Only available in USA.