We take responsibility – for our customers, products, employees and society. Find out more about our sustainable business practices.

Responsibility for the Environment

It might be due to the wonderful, natural environment that surrounds the company headquarters, where the Adam Hall Group settled many years ago. Gentle rolling hills, dense forests, lush green fields and fertile fields. The Hochtaunus Mountains, an ancient cultural landscape. It's easy to imagine how inspiration and creativity, but also management guided by common sense, could become the supporting framework and guiding principle of a company based here.

We are an international manufacturer, and in dialogue with many people, companies, organisations, customers and suppliers. That's why we believe in the importance of taking responsibility for the environment, and are committed to the rigorous optimisation of our energy consumption.

An easily visible indicator of this is the 6,500 m² photovoltaic system on the roof of our company headquarters. Its connection to the local heating supply provides an alternative to conventional heating systems, for environmentally-friendly energy usage.

We are a company that is in touch with our social responsibilities to our employees and surroundings, and which sees itself as a responsible component of the environment, and which does not see the preservation of this environment as less important than corporate success. It is a living process, one which permanently drives us. This is an important characteristic of the company culture that we have created.

Social Commitment

Music Academy
SPH Bandcontest

We are a manufacturer and distributer of event technology and equipment for musicians. This explains why we focus on music. And that's why we're happy to support upcoming talent, bands, schools and associations, for example with so-called "equipment sponsoring" and other contributions – which have increased significantly. Proof that it is important to support as many enthusiastic young artists as possible. As well as this, we are also members of various associations that support active music making and the professionalization or training in event technology.

Projects of Adam Hall Equipment Sponsoring:

[MA] Music Academy (Germany-wide) – www.music-academy.com
Musiker ohne Grenzen e.V. – www.musikerohnegrenzen.de
SPH Bandcontest  – www.sph-bandcontest.de
Jam-Liner Projekt der staatl. Musikhochschule Hamburg - www.jamliner.net
Marking Culture Start-Up Platform Coburg - www.makingculture.de
Vermut Solidario Barcelona – www.fundaciondiariodeuncuidador.org/la-fundacion
A Kiss For All The World – www.akissforalltheworld.org/en/home-a-kiss-for-all-the-world
3quatre – www.3quatre.fr
Hans Thomann-Stiftung – www.hansthomannstiftung.de
Minds – www.minds.org.sg
Music for All – www.musicforall.org.uk
La Victrola – www.lavictrola.org
National Foundation for Youth Music – www.youthmusic.org.uk/
Music bewegt – www.musik-bewegt.de/
CMS – Coordinadora Músicos Sabadell – www.sbdmusics.com/

Responsibility for employees

Responsibility for employees

Our passion for what we do and for the environment in which we operate distinguishes us.

Alongside our responsibility of ensuring successful operational performance, which in turn ensures the continued existence and healthy growth of the Adam Hall Group, this also applies to providing secure jobs. Jobs for the people who contribute to this success with their enthusiasm and commitment. People who value an interesting and pleasant working environment, and are comfortable in their team. The Code of Conduct stipulates that as a socially-oriented company, the Adam Hall Group is committed to giving its employees long-term prospects, and supporting them in their training and continuing education.

Those who would like to gain experience at international locations have the numerous opportunities offered by an internationally active company. The Adam Hall Group is committed to being a training organisation. We not only see this as an offer for the trainees and students themselves, but also as a chance for the company to benefit from new ideas and qualifications.

Health and safety at work are very important to us. The Health and Safety Representatives ensure compliance with all the requirements and the implementation of required measures, and a company doctor is responsible for medical care and precautions. True to the motto: putting people first.

Quality Management

Quality Management

The Adam Hall Group places great importance on the establishment of and compliance with central quality standards and guidelines. This is why all our products undergo strict testing and certification by reputable, independent external testing bodies. This is how we guarantee long-term and professional quality management for our products and system solutions. Our research and development team uses equipment solely from renowned manufacturers, such as Rohde & Schwarz, Bruker, Hameg, Chroma and Yogokawa, for the many measurements and tests. This is used to carry out technical analyses, testing and measured value procedures, which are used, for example, in cooperative product development with our business partners.