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17. Jul 2024
Pyramids in Madrid – Cameo PIXBAR G2 frame the I Love Reggaeton Festival
16. Jul 2024
NicLen invests in new Cameo ORON® H2 Phosphor Laser Moving Head
9. Jul 2024
Between water and wine – LD Systems audio installations in Provence
27. Jun 2024
Small and large – LD Systems multizone audio installation at La Godra
20. Jun 2024
Game, Set and Match – Rafa Nadal Academy on Mallorca hits an ace with LD Systems
13. Jun 2024
Versatile sound in the Middle Kingdom – LD Systems audio installations in China
11. Jun 2024
World premiere at the OMR Festival – PRG relies on the Cameo ORON® H2 phosphor-laser moving head
6. Jun 2024
PRG EMEA invests in new Cameo ORON® H2 Phosphor-Laser Moving Head
27. May 2024
Future Unlocked – Cameo presents the ORON® H2 as the world’s first IP65 hybrid moving head with phosphor-laser engine