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1. Dec 2021
In This Garden We Loved – Immersive Theatre Production with LD Systems CURV 500 at the Sejong Centre in Seoul, Korea
29. Nov 2021
Jekyll & Hyde – Cameo Lights Up Broadway Entertainment’s Musical
23. Nov 2021
Problem solver: LD Systems CURV® 500 at the Arts & Design Faculty in Timisoara, Romania
17. Nov 2021
White Light in Motion – Cameo OPUS X Profile and F4 FC Light Up German Environmental Award 2021
12. Nov 2021
Next Generation Sound – Why Zane Carney is thrilled by the LD Systems MAUI 11 G2
9. Nov 2021
Nature lights up – Humblo play forest concerts using Cameo battery-powered lighting technology
4. Nov 2021
Five years of Kliemannsland – LD Systems and Cameo accompany party for the 5th anniversary of Fynn Kliemann’s creative space
21. Oct 2021
Sweat and spectacle! LD Systems and Cameo create a club atmosphere at the Jenny indoor cycling club
14. Oct 2021
“Quasi mono in a noble thread” – A Review Of The LD Systems MAUI P900