• Single-sided application (blind rivet)
  • Covers a large clamping area
  • Blind rivets can be inserted from both sides.
  • Can be used to connect different materials such as metal on metal, aluminium, steel, stainless steel, copper or plastic on metal
  • No damage to the surface after riveting
  • Excellent resistance to temperature changes.
  • No loosening by dynamic influences (vibration-resistant)
  • High-quality rivet sleeve made of aluminium with a highmagnesium content of 3.5% and 5.0%. This means high tensile and shear forces, good tightening force and increased corrosion resistance.
  • High quality, simple and quick installation
  • Ecological riveting process: no smoke, sparks or steam
  • Simple, lightweight and rapid use.


The blind rivet is a fixing system for connecting two parts of the same or different materials, of which only one needs to be accessible. BRALO© blind rivets provide a robust and secure solution for a wide range of fixing system requirements. They have been designed to fulfill the highest quality standards and to withstand the most demanding ambient conditions.

Our standard rivets are breakstem blind rivets. A versatile rivet with a large clamping range, suitable for connecting a wide range of materials

This connecting element ensures strong and secure connection.

The Bralo standard rivet is the epitome of adaptability and reliability.

Other rivet versions for special applications and requirements available in the shop.


Type de produit


Ø rivet
4,8 mm

Longueur rivet
21 mm

Ø tête
9,5 mm

Hauteur tête
1,5 mm

Ø tige
2,65 mm

Portée fixation
14,0 - 17,0 mm

Charge maximale cisaillement
1850 N

Passage de la charge admissible
2600 N

Matériau rivet

Alliage rivet
AlMg 3,5

Matériau tige

Revêtement tige

0,003 kg

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