A new status quo in pro audio design

LD Systems® introduces the future of pro audio design with the Maui® P900. Developed in collaboration with the Porsche Design Studio, the MAUI® P900 combines state-of-the-art technology with an iconic design and exclusive materials in a unique audio product. In this way, the active column PA system from LD Systems® completely redefines the boundary between technology, art and design.



“The integrative design has never been seen on the market and makes no compromises on sound quality, but is technically unique.”

~ Jörg Tragatschnig, Designer, Porsche Design Studio



“Our development team, together with the designers from the Porsche Design Studio, have done a first-class job. We are introducing a brand new kind of design into the industry. I am really looking forward to seeing the reactions in the market."

~Alexander Pietschmann, CEO, Adam Hall Group

Adam Hall Group presents MAUI® P900 in collaboration with Porsche Design Studio

Were you unable to visit us at Prolight + Sound 2017? Here you can find the report on the press conference.

LD Systems® MAUI® P900 Concept Brochure


Browse the LD Systems® MAUI® P900 Concept brochure and discover the new status quo in pro audio design.

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