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Innovative, global and close to customers – those with vision should join the Adam Hall Group.

Our Mission

Our mission is to amplify emotions through event technology. Wherever humans come together we enable them to share their passion and enjoy great moments. Every day.

Values & Service
"My staff treats our customers in the same way I treat them"

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As a continuously growing, globally oriented company we are aware of our responsibilities – to our customers, our business partners and naturally also to our more than 200 employees. The music and event technology industry has its own specific requirements and needs. As a manufacturer and distributer with more than 40 years of experience, we live and help shape this world every day – always on the basis of interpersonal relationships with our customers and partners. This includes values such as authenticity, reliability, fairness, integrity and team spirit. The purest expression of these fundamental values is our comprehensive service concept, which we apply not only to our company headquarters in Neu-Anspach, Germany, but also to our international service centres in Spain, Poland, Switzerland, Great Britain and Singapore. Trend: rising!

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Quality & Performance
Our positioning in the market

What characterises the quality of a company? At Adam Hall Group our top priority is the high quality of manufactured and distributed products. However, quality is a basic expectation – especially for products with the quality seal "Design & Engineering Made in Germany". In addition, as a consequence of global manufacturing and trade structures, companies are decreasingly distinguished by pricing. That's why we, as a manufacturer and distributer, focus on the feedback of our customers, offering integrated service-oriented solutions that create clearly recognisable added value for our customers:

  • We focus on the needs of our customers
  • We develop innovations which let our customers stand out from the competition
  • We are in continual conversation with our customers
  • We customise our products, and create strong brands with distinctive characteristics
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Adam Hall Group
Many brands, one identity

Whether it’s portable audio systems, creative LED and laser effects, robust cable protectors or flexible stands, the products and brands of Adam Hall Group are innovative and unique. At the same time, they are always part of the overall brand and corporate identity: social and communicative with each other, dynamic and intelligent in product development, friendly and agile in their service, purposeful and strong in their brand and company management. These characteristics distinguish us as a company, manufacturer and distributer, as well as all of our brands. And you, as a customer, can rely on this – whether you need just a cable, a DI box, or complete stage or fitting equipment from a single source.