• Universal 9 volt DC power supply
  • 5 outlets with ultra stable 250 mA each
  • Isolated
  • Overload protection
  • Roadworthy enclosure
  • Mounting and strain relief options
  • Power, merge and daisy chain cables included

RRP 134.00 $ / piece

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With a stable 250 mA on each of the five center negative barrel style outlets the compact Palmer PWT 05 MK2 is most suited to virtually any pedalboard size. To deliver clean DC power to your pedals and eliminate ground loops between them and the associated hum the outlets are isolated.

The PWT 05 MK2 is protected against overloading and comes with 25 and 50 cm long connection cables, as well as two Y-cables. The first one, with a black connector, connects two 9 V outputs to increase the current intensity to a massive 500 mA, the other one, with a white connector, connects two 9 V outputs to double the voltage to 18 V.. Also included is a 1-into-5 daisy chain that lets you power five pedals from one output if their total current draw does not exceed 250 mA. The rugged enclosure of the Palmer PWT 05 MK2 provides mounting and cable relief options while the IEC mains inlet and voltage selector enable worldwide use.


Product type
Power Supplies

Mains connector
IEC socket

Input voltage
230 V


Output connectors
2.1 x 5.5 mm

Output voltage
9 V

Max. output current
each output 250 mA A

Isolated outputs

center negative

Cord length
25 - 50 cm

Overload , Power

mains switch (on/off) , voltage selector switch

105 mm

140 mm

45 mm

1,5 kg