• DMX line with twisted pair of 0.22 mm² conductors
  • Dual shield of foil and tinned copper braiding
  • Power line with 3 x 1.0 mm² conductors
  • DMX and power lines individually jacketed
  • Flexible PVC outer jacket
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This hybrid cable combines individually jacketed DMX and power lines in a durable and flexible PVC outer jacket. The power line features three 1.0 mm² conductors, the DMX line has a twisted pair of 0.22 mm² OFC conductors with a dual shield of AL/PT foil and tinned copper braid providing 100% coverage to prevent electromagnetic interference.


Product type
Bulk Cable

Power / Signal Cable


Overall diameter
13.0 mm +/- 0.2 mm

Jacket material

Inner conductor 1

Inner conductor type
Mains supply line

Cross section
1.0 mm²

Conductor material
bare copper

Composition of conductor
32 x 0.20 mm

Number of conductors

Line resistance
85 Ohm(s)

55 pF/m

Inner conductor 2

Inner conductor 2 type

Inner conductor 2 cross-section
0.22 mm²

Inner conductor 2 material
bare copper

Inner conductor 2 construction
7 x 0.20 mm

Number of inner conductors 2

Inner conductor 2 shielding material
Copper tin-plated

Characteristic impedance inner conductor 2
120 Ohm(s)

Line resistance inner conductor 2
85 Ohm(s)

Inner conductor 2 capacitance
55 pF/m