• heavy-duty,non-slip all-round cable protector made of black, recyclable polyurethane with built-in carrying handles
  • blue polyethylene lid with with pre-drilled mounting holes and secure closure
  • patented, self-cleaning lid hinge
  • 5 channels 34 x 36 mm
  • load bearing capacity approx. 5 t / 20 x 20 cm
  • fire resistance class B2 (DIN 4102), DEKRA-certified (DIN 31000, EN 61537)
  • Resistant to oil, acid, petrol and short-term contact with solvents
  • dimensions 89 x 54.2 x 5.2 cm; Weight 11.5 kg
  • reliable protection for cables and personnel for indoor and outdoor use
  • curves and end ramps for flexible cable protection are available as accessories


Blue pre-drilled Defender Midi cable crossover.

As it is the case with all crossovers of the DEFENDER series, the blue Defender cable crossover is oil, acid, and petrol resistant.

We recommend the use of our wheelchair ramp set including 3 Lines (6 ramp pieces) with the matching extremity pieces. These pieces must be used together with the blue pre-drilled Defender Midi cable crossover. The drilling ensures that the ramp doesn’t slide from the cable crossover. With this configuration the drive across zone is 80 cm wide.

DEKRA certified - Certified product safety


Product type
Cable Protectors


1200 mm

52 mm

542 mm


Width channel 1
34 mm

Height channel 1
36 mm

Width channel 2
34 mm

Height channel 2
36 mm

Width channel 3
34 mm

Height channel 3
36 mm

Width channel 4
34 mm

Height channel 4
36 mm

Width channel 5
34 mm

Height channel 5
36 mm


Max load
not suitable for motor vehicles

Chemical resistance
acid-resistant , oil-resistant , Petrol-resistant , Short-term contact with solvents

12,8 kg

Special feature