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22. Mar 2023
Countdown to the Giro d’Italia: Cameo illuminates Technogym headquarters in the CI colour of the world-famous bike race
14. Mar 2023
We appoint Commercial Audio Solutions Ltd as Partner for their Integrated Systems portfolio, to distribute in the UK and Ireland
10. Mar 2023
Radiant setting for a Gothic beauty: Cameo illuminates La Rinascente at Milan Cathedral
8. Mar 2023
Why women are irreplaceable in the event industry and IT – our contribution to International Women’s Day
2. Mar 2023
Highspeed in Berlin: Cameo illuminates the 110th Six Day Berlin
1. Mar 2023
smARTec invests in Cameo ZENIT® W600 TW – Premiere at Auto Zurich
20. Lut 2023
Radiant Carnival – Cameo lights up the alternative Stunksitzungen in Cologne
13. Lut 2023
From Halloween to Après-Ski: Cameo excels in the outdoor winter season
7. Lut 2023
LD Systems MAUI i1 provides optimum sound in baroque pilgrimage church