High End High-Power Amplifiers

Utilizing state-of-the-art technology RAM Audio introduces the W Series 2 and 4-channel high end power amplifiers with output ratings up to 12 kW . Dual PFC QuantaPulse switched-mode power supplies provide increased, smooth output irrespective of mains fluctuations. Housed in 46 cm deep, 2U rackmountable reinforced steel chassis the 7 high-power models are easily portable weighing in at 10 – 12 kg only.

The W Series features Neutrik XLR and Speakon connectors, a large blue LCD user interface and 13-detent digital encoders for convenient gain, bridge mode, input link and ICL setting. A DSP loudspeaker management system is optionally available.

Main Features
  • high-efficiency power amplifiers with up to 12 kW RMS output power
  • regulated PFC QuantaPulse dual switch-mode power supply
  • digital control with large blue LCD interface
  • temperature and output level indication
  • USB port for firmware updates and DSP control
  • gain, bridge mode, input links and ICL configurable via 13-detent digital encoders on the front panel
  • RAM Audio power management system (PMS)
  • high-efficiency oversized output transistors for maximum reliability under extreme operating conditions
  • easily removable front panel for dust filter cleaning, Neutrik XLR and Speakon connectors

PMS™: a complete Power Management System that monitors the essential parameters for safe operation. It precisely controls the power supply to the amplifier and output power under extreme and dangerous conditions:

  • if the internal operating temperature approaches emergency shutdown during irregular operating conditions,
  • if the power supply draws excessive current under laboratory conditions or during extended acoustic feedback.

ICL™: improved Intelligent Clip Limiting prevents loudspeaker damage while maintaining audio quality and punch under clipping conditions.

QuantaPulse™ Technology: The Soft Switching Resonant QuantaPulse Power Supply is designed to provide plenty of power when needed monitoring the necessary parameters of voltage and current for a controlled performance at all times. Bi-directional data flow between the power supply and power amp module. Two very important characteristics of the QuantaPulse power supply are the optimization against over-voltages and superior reliability.


Product type
Power Amplifiers

PA Power Amplifiers

12,9 kg

Product type
Power Amplifier Accessories


AD/DA converter
24 bit

0,5 kg

Filter type
Bessel , Butterworth , Linkwitz-Riley

Filter slew rate
up to 48 dB/oct

Input EQ
29 x graphic or parametric per channel

Output EQ
20 filters per channel (parametric, shelving, LP, HP, BP, SB)

Input delay
up to 80 m (230 ms) per input

Output Delay
up to 18 m (50 ms) per channel

Limiter (per channel)
Peak Voltage Output (variable knee) , RMS Power

Additionakl DSP functions (per input)
Gain , mute , Phase Inversion

Additionakl DSP functions (per channel)
Gain , mute , Phase Inversion

Line input connectors
XLR (balanced)

Line output connectors
XLR (balanced)

Ethernet (optional) , via USB port

Other features
Signal Generator (pink and white noise, sinus 20 Hz - 20,000 Hz)

Resolution and sampling rate
16-bit or 24-bit selectable, 32 kHz - 96 kHz


Input connectors

0,3 kg


compatible with
AMX® , Crestron® , Stardraw Control®

0,6 kg

Rated ouput power (1kHz @ 2 Ohms)
4 x 2260 W

Rated ouput power (1kHz @ 4 Ohms)
4 x 1150 W

12 kg

Rated ouput power (1kHz @ 8 Ohms)
4 x 600 W

Rated ouput power (1kHz @ 4 Ohms, bridged)
2 x 4520 W

Rated ouput power (1kHz @ 8 Ohms, bridged)
2 x 2300 W

High Z 70Vrms / 100Vpeak
4 x 2260 W

Output circuitry
Class H

Frequency response
20 - 20000 Hz

< 0.05 %

Signal-to-noise ratio
112 dB

Damping factor
> 500

> 80 dB

26 - 38 dB

Input sensitivity
3.5 / 1.7 / 0.9 V

Input impedance
(balanced) 20 k Ohm(s) , (unbalanced) 10 k Ohm(s)

Line output connectors

Protection circuits
DC voltage , high frequency , on/off transients , open outputs and speaker load mismatching , power on muting , short circuit , Soft start , thermal overload

2 x volume , dual/bridge switch , Power

Clipping , fault , ready , signal , temperature

Line inputs

Line input connectors

Line outputs

Loudspeaker outputs

Speaker output connections


Operating voltage
230 V

Power consumption @ full load
11 A

483 mm

89 mm

460 mm