• All-in-one column speaker for PA and monitor applications
  • 1,000 watts peak Class-D system power offer high performance with a low weight
  • Powerful bass reproduction with 3 x 6.5" woofers
  • Balanced mids thanks to the 8 x 3" full-range speakers
  • Precise and silky highs with 2 x 1" high frequency drivers
  • Increased range and wider coverage through the array arrangement
  • Homogeneous dispersion pattern through a BEM-optimised tweeter wave guide
  • Distortion-free sound even at the highest volume thanks to LD Systems DynX® DSP technology
  • Full control through a 4-channel mixer including Bluetooth® Stereo Audio Streaming
  • Two-piece column for compact transport
  • Secure plug-and-play connection thanks to the wireless multi-pin mechanism
  • A wide range of application options through dismountable columns
  • Easy operation with presets for mono or stereo configuration
  • Extensive and smart accessories for installation and transport


A complete sound system that you can carry together with your instrument: introducing the MAUI 11 G2. The two column elements in the padded shoulder bag, the subwoofer in one hand and the guitar or keyboard in the other - and off you go! Setting up the complete system, which doubles as a PA and monitor system is just as easy thanks to the special multi-pin cable plugs. The compact and elegant MAUI 11 G2 offers an unbeatable sound quality and wide-ranging sound distribution. It was developed after years of experience in the design of the column systems as a user-friendly solution for small to medium-sized gigs and fixed installations.

The MAUI 11 G2 is equipped with three 6.5" woofers, eight 3" full-range speakers and two 1" neodymium HF drivers. They are driven by a light Class-D power amplifier boasting 1,000 watts of peak power and producing a grunty bass, balanced mids and precise and silky highs. The DynX® DSP technology from LD Systems provides top-class performance each time and the highest level of freedom from distortion. It includes a multiband limiter which protects against overloading, an EQ, a compressor and a 3-way-crossover with run time correction.

The design of the MAUI 11 G2 line array achieves a longer range, increased resistance to feedback and a wider space coverage, which makes separate monitor speakers superfluous. The wave guide of the tweeters has been developed using the Boundary Element Method (BEM), a numerical simulation of the sound radiation and dispersion. It reduces reflections from the floor and ceiling and prevents sidelobe levels and thus achieves an homogeneous dispersion - Your audience hears you in the back row just as clearly as in the front.

With the integrated 4-channel mixer, system presets for mono or stereo configuration and Bluetooth® Audio Streaming, you have full control over the system. Whether you are a singer-songwriter, solo entertainer or DJ, you will be thrilled with the extraordinary sound and portability of the MAUI 11 G2. The column and the subwoofer can be set up separately: thus, the system is extremely flexible and is also an excellent choice for fixed installations. With a selection of clever transport accessories and special mounting hardware, the MAUI 11 G2 is a well thought out overall solution, down to the last details.


24,9 kg

Product type
PA Complete Systems



Max. SPL (peak)
124 dB

Frequency response
50 - 20000 Hz

Dispersion (H x V)
120° x 20 °

Overall height
2030 mm

Woofer characteristics

Low/mid driver dimensions
3 x 6.5 "

Woofer size
3 x 165.1 mm

Woofer magnet

Woofer brand

Woofer voice coil
1.5 "

Woofer voice coil (mm)
38.1 mm

Cabinet construction
Bass Reflex

Cabinet material
15 mm Plywood

Cabinet surface
texture paint

Subwoofer width
285 mm

Subwoofer height
650 mm

Subwoofer depth
373 mm

Subwoofer weight
16.9 kg

Mid/Hi System

Midrange size
8 x 3 "

Midrange size
8 x 76.2 mm

Midrange magnet

Midrange brand

Midrange voice coil
1 "

Midrange voice coil
25.4 mm


Tweeter dimensions
2 x1 "

Tweeter dimensions (mm)
25.4 mm

Tweeter magnet

Tweeter brand

Tweeter voice coil
1 "

Tweeter voice coil (mm)
25.4 mm

Loudspeaker inputs

Speaker input connections
Custom-made multipin

Cabinet construction mid/high

Mid/Hi system cabinet material

Mid/Hi system cabinet surface
HD coating

Mid/Hi system width
96 mm

Mid/Hi system height
620 / 730 mm

Mid/Hi system depth
104 mm

Mid/Hi system weight
5.4 / 2.6 kg

Amplifier module (integrated in subwoofer)

Class D

Amplifier output system (RMS)
500 W

Amplifier output system (peak)
1000 W

Protection circuits
DC protection , Multiband limiter , short circuit , thermal overload


Operating Temperature
0 - 40 °C

Humidity Range
10% to 80%, (non-condensing)

Bluetooth switch , Hi-Z Level , Line level , Main level , Mono/stereo switch , MP3/Bluetooth Level , Power , Sub level

Limit , mono , On , Protect (protection circuit engaged) , Setup , Signal , stereo

Power connector
IEC power cable (included)

Operating voltage
100 - 120 V / 50 - 60 Hz or 200 - 240 V / 50 - 60 Hz (automatic switching)

Power consumption Off / On / Max.
0/11/600 W

Line inputs
2 x stereo

Line input connectors
RCA , XLR/6.3 mm jack

Line outputs
1 x direct out

Line output connectors

Mic inputs

Mic inputs
XLR/6.3 mm jack

MP3 inputs

MP3 input connectors
3.5 mm jack

Hi-Z inputs

Hi-Z input connectors
6.3 mm jack

Loudspeaker outputs

Speaker output connections
Custom-made multipin

DSP characteristics

Bit depth AD/DA converter
24 bit

Internal sampling frequency
48 kHz

Signal/noise ratio
100 dB


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