Designed to work in high-power cabinets, px crossovers are technically superior passive filters available as board-only or complete with fitted hardware for a smart, economical 'factory-fit' finish. Designed and built for Eminence, px crossovers feature advanced circuit design to both preserve the crossover and your HF drivers.

The High-Pass Protection uses custom-built aerospace lamps as positive temperature coefficient series varistors. The tungsten filaments effectively track the program material, dynamically maintaining a safe maximum current level to the HF driver without introducing distortion. This circuitry provides smooth 3:1 analog compression during input overload conditions over 250Wrms. At full drive level approaching clipping, the electrical attenuation to the protected HF driver is -4.5dB. In every way, Eminence px crossovers are a technically superior product.


Product type
Speaker Construction Accessories

Cut-off frequency
1800 Hz

Filter slew rate
18 dB/oct

8 Ohm(s)

400 W

Cabinet ready

0,22 kg