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Adam Hall Cables
Power cable & DMX/AES cable 2 x 0.22 mm² + 3 x 1.5 mm²
Item No. : 7134

Combination DMX & Power cable, both housed in a robust, durable outer cable jacket. This cable will provide the power and control signal data for lights, mixing consoles and other DMX512 dependable units, consisting of 3 x power cables (1.5qmm each) and either one (Lightpower 1), two (Lightpower 2) or four (Lightpower 4) pairs of DMX512 cables. When using Lightpower 4, two of the DMX pairs can be used for transmission of intercom signals.


Product type
Bulk Cable

Power / Signal Cable


Overall diameter
12 mm

Jacket material

Inner conductor 1

Inner conductor type
Mains supply line

Cross section
1.5 mm²

Conductor material
bare copper

Composition of conductor
48 x 0.2 mm

Number of conductors

Inner conductor 2

Inner conductor 2 type

Inner conductor 2 cross-section
0.14 mm²

Inner conductor 2 material
bare copper

Inner conductor 2 construction
36 x 0.07 mm

Number of inner conductors 2

Inner conductor 2 shielding material
Copper tin-plated

Inner conductor 2 shielding

Characteristic impedance inner conductor 2
110 Ohm(s)

Line resistance inner conductor 2
< 80 Ohm(s)

Inner conductor 2 capacitance
52 pF/m

Other features
DMX line shielded and insulated in pairs