SAVEKINGS Shock-Absorbing Safety Rope

Germany’s only safety rope with an inspection certificate according to the Regulations of the German Employers Liability Insurance Association (BGV)

Safety rope with an integral brake for controlled dissipation of fall energy, approved as a safety rope for use in the entertainment industry (BGV C1).

When conventional wire ropes are used, high levels of linear momentum can result if secured equipment falls. SAVEKINGS wire ropes incorporate a loop with a brake clamp. In the event of a fall, the loop constricts, thus absorbing the high shock forces. A color marking on the brake clamp serves as an indicator that the rope is in good condition.

SAVEKINGS safety ropes can be used for single- or double-stranded securing of equipment and are approved according to BG test certificate MO 105107 for the following maximum weights:

  • SAVEKINGS 3 mm: 20 kg (double-stranded 30 kg)
  • SAVEKINGS 4 mm: 40 kg (double-stranded 60 kg)
  • SAVEKINGS 5 mm: 60 kg (double-stranded 90 kg)

The potential height of drop must not exceed 20 cm! The controlled dissipation of the fall energy makes it possible to use ropes that are smaller in diameter than comparable conventional safety ropes. Comparison of SAVEKINGS safety ropes and standard safety ropes according to the current standard DIN 56927:

  • SAVEKINGS 3 mm = 5-6 mm safety rope
  • SAVEKINGS 4 mm = 7-8 mm safety rope
  • SAVEKINGS 5 mm = 8-10 mm safety rope


Product type
Safety Cables


Rope diameter
4 mm

600 mm


Eyelets at both ends

With screw link

Screw link version
Permanently attached screw link

Max. load
40 kg

BGV C1-certified

0,125 kg

Other features
with fall brake