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LD Systems
ZONE X 1208

Hybrid Architecture DSP Matrix - 12 IN / 8 OUT

ZONE X 1208

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60 Months
  • DSP processor with hybrid architecture that allows users to adapt to different installation requirements via templates
  • 40-bit floating point DSP engine with Analog Devices dual core SHARC+ and ARM Cortex A5 processor
  • New generation Linux operating system
  • Premium microphone preamplifiers and high resolution 32 bit-AD/DA converters
  • 12 balanced audio mic/line inputs with 48V phantom power selection per channel
  • 8 balanced line...
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ZONE X 1208
ZONE X 1208
Hybrid Architecture DSP Matrix - 12 IN / 8 OUT

Price on request



Product type
Installation DSP Audio Matrix
General data
Audio inputs
1 Remote Bus Audio input, 12 balanced Mic/line inputs
Audio output
8 balanced line outputs
Logic inputs
8 GPI - short to ground to activate
Logic outputs
8 GPO - LED (3mA) or Sink (300mA)
3-pin Terminal Block Pitch 3.81mm, Ethernet RJ45, I/O Connectors, Remote IN RJ45, Service Micro USB Type-B
Inputs 1 - 12 and outputs 1 - 8: signal indication white, Network, Power, Remote
Controls Front panel
Controls Element Back Panel
IP Reset, Power On/Off
Expansion Slot
Ethernet + Dante- (ZONEX1208D), For Ethernet- (ZONEX1208)
Convection, passive
Operating voltage
Wide Range SMPS
Mains connector
3-pole IEC mains connection (mains socket)
Operating voltage
90 – 240 V AC; 50/60 Hz
Input fuse (mains)
T2,5 A L / 250 V
Inrush Current Power OFF-ON:
21 A
Power Consumption @ idle mode
23 W
Max. Power consumption
60 W
Operating temperature
0°C - 40°C; < 60% humidity
19“-Rack (483 mm)
1 RU (44.5 mm)
315 mm (incl. terminal block connectors)
4 kg
Performance specifications
Nominal input sensitivity
-22 dBu (Sine 1 kHz, Gain max)
Nominal input clipping
+20 dBu (Sine 1kHz)
Distortion factor (THD+N)
+13 dBu Signal, <0,003% (Line IN – OUT), 20 Hz – 20 kHz, Gain 0 dB)
Intermodulation Distortion (SMPTE)
< 0.01% (-10dB below clip) Analyzer BW 90kHz
Frequency response
15 Hz – 22 kHz (+/-0.15 dB)
Input Impedance
Line 4k Ohms (balanced)
Signal-to-noise ratio
>117 dB @ +20 dBu, Gain 0 dB, 20 kHz BW, A-weighted
Dynamic range (DR AES17)
112 dB dB
105 dB @ 10 kHz, 120 dB @ 1 kHz, 120 dB @ 100 Hz
> 60 dB (1 kHz)
Max. Gain
42 dB
Digital Specifications
40-bit floating point Analog Devices Dual-core SHARC+ processor
System Latency:
4.3 ms
AD/DA converter resolution
32 bit
AD/DA converter sampling rate
48 kHz


Installations are becoming increasingly more complex. Where microphones and speakers once had to be switched or even rewired by hand, now there are flexible routing options using presets and automated processes. The DSP matrix processor ZONE X 1208 from LD Systems enables all that and more.

With its DSP hybrid architecture, the ZONE X 1208 can adapt your sound system for different circumstances and possible uses. Choose one of the different DSP templates and use the event scheduler to set up calendar-managed workflows with automated preset options. Everything you need: Twelve balanced mic/line inputs with low-noise microphone preamplifiers and separate switchable 48V phantom power as well as eight balanced line outputs are available. There are also eight GPI and GPO logic ports which can be used e.g. for automated processes and the integration of third-party devices. The front panel with only 1 RU looks very tidy. The ZONE X 1208 is easy to set up and manage via Ethernet with the universal software Xilica Designer (Mac/Windows) providing an overview of all connections and settings. Thanks to the additional REMOTE bus connection, the ZONE X 1208 is already equipped for future remote panels and paging microphones from LD Systems. An Ethernet + Dante card with 64 x 64 channels can be installed as an upgrade option for audio over IP applications. The Dante standard opens up a whole world of compatible devices from different manufacturers for all conceivable applications.

From routing and processing of different microphone and speaker groups, in a church for example, to complex multi-room installations with calendar-managed routing for different configurations - the ZONE X 1208 makes everything possible.

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