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Whoever works at Adam Hall wants to break ground. Internationally active, regionally rooted. Experience the special spirit of the Adam Hall Group.

Corporate culture & Spirit

People who work for Adam Hall want to make a difference and get actively involved with things by applying their personality and their individual strengths. Only so is it possible to create an animated team that loves to take on challenges, shows initiative and sustainably remains motivated. We are confident: Adam Hall offers all the things you may have missed at other companies and in other professions: genuine team spirit and camaraderie, interest and curiosity that go beyond the latest project and both clear specifications and creative freedom.


To be honest, it is not difficult to be interested in event, lighting and audio technology outside work too, whether as a musician with your own band, a sound or lighting engineer at concerts in the region or simply a music lover on your own sofa. At Adam Hall, we feel this spirit. Every single day. The warehouse staff, marketing team, heads of department, sales staff and managing directors all pull together and follow the same passion.


International & Regional

AHG international

Internationally active, regionally rooted – there are few companies to which this frequently-heard description truly applies. Adam Hall is one of them. With showrooms in Poland, Singapore and Barcelona, as well as the establishment of Adam Hall Asia Pte Ltd. and Adam Hall North America Inc., the company is clearly heading down the road of international business. Yet despite this, our roots still lie in the region around the company headquarters in Neu-Anspach, Hesse, (near Frankfurt am Main in the beautiful Taunus mountains). Over 70 percent of employees come from or live in the immediate vicinity. Those who work here feel a sense of commitment to the region and the local people. For this reason, Adam Hall supports several sports and cultural clubs from the surrounding towns and villages, with a focus on those for children and young people. But with all the excitement that comes from sport, music must naturally not be forgotten. Adam Hall therefore sponsors regional open air festivals, such as the Alte Ziegelei festival and other music events. It also provides nurseries with event technology.

More information about the culture, life & leisure, business & science in the Taunus mountains can be found at www.taunus.info.

Adam Hall Taunus
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Working & Family life

A good balance between working life, family life and leisure time is becoming ever more important for employees. We are not least noticing this in interviews in which many applicants confidently and understandably bring this key matter up. And we like this! After all, a good balance between working and family life has always been an integral part of the Adam Hall corporate culture.


Here, the number of contractually specified working hours is not simply an alibi statement with no bearing on real life, but a specific guideline amount that our employees can rely on. We know that working, family life and leisure time are not mutually exclusive. On the contrary! It is only by combining these that you can create the important balance needed to go about all aspects of life with passion, energy and enjoyment.


In view of this, here at Adam Hall, we always lend our employees an open ear.


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Occupational health & Safety

At Adam Hall Group, we keep a firm eye on the wellbeing of our employees. With our company-wide health management, we improve our employees' physical and mental performance. We put the focus on encouraging them to take the initiative to maintain their own health – i.e. through sport or special dietary programs. We have set up our own restaurant at the headquarters in Neu-Anspach together with our partner Consortium Systemgastronomie.


Balanced, varied and healthy meals rejuvenate our staff so they are ready to start work again after their break. Tea, coffee and water are available for free to all our colleagues.

Regarding occupational safety, the main focus is ensuring the workplace and work processes are ergonomically sound. We guarantee every employee an ergonomical and modern workplace and provide regular training on this issue.


Football, jogging and Nordic walking are among the most popular types of exercise. An alternative to working out alone or joining a sports club is having a quick, spontaneous kick-around somewhere, jogging with others or entering an organized race. This compensates for the stresses of daily work life and improves team spirit and the atmosphere between the staff.

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Development & Career

Motivated employees need prospects – in both their personal and their professional lives. After all, even the best can get left behind at times, especially in an innovative and dynamic industry that is strongly driven by technological advances like the event technology industry. As an ever-growing company, Adam Hall therefore offers its employees a broad range of both regional and international development opportunities: from specialist training through targeted English courses, to the opportunity to take on temporary or long-term jobs at our international sites.

Yet even without specifically moving abroad, our global colleagues regularly come into contact with one another – for example at the many international trade fairs, internal events and industry conferences. We specifically promote these meetings and look forward to the synergies for current and future projects that arise from them.


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Diverse industries

„Come as you are“ - Our brands and products are at home in many different sectors and areas: on concert stages, in theatres, clubs and television studios, in museums, conference centres and company head offices, in industry or in public spaces. This makes it necessary for us to offer a huge range of products and services, tailored to an equally broad and diverse customer base – from specialist retailers to hire companies for major tournaments, broadcasting corporations to architects and professional musicians to school bands. It is this diversity that makes Adam Hall employees’ everyday work so appealing to them.

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