Flight cases provide secure and long-lasting protection for technical equipment. They must be built from first-class hardware so that they can withstand the strain resulting from constant transportation. We stock a complete range of flight case components with various aluminium profiles, plywood and plastic panels, 19" rack accessories, catches, handles, corners, foam and blind rivets. Take a look at our range of swivel and fixed castors.

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The design and software platform for flight case manufacturers

Flight case design has never been so easy. You can start right away with the user-friendly interface of FliteCAD® and numerous templates. Select components from the unlimited software database, save your projects and display your designs in 2D and 3D with zoom and rotate features. And the best part is, FliteCAD® is absolutely free to download!

In addition to simple project and customer administration, FliteCAD® creates quotes with a single click, which you can print or send via email. Furthermore, the August 2016 edition of FliteCAD® can be embedded into your web site. This allows customers to design cases online, request a quote, and have access to your available product database of finished flightcase designs. FliteCAD® is an effective marketing tool for your products and services.

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Where to buy

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