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Our product highlights from 2024

LD Systems®

Every musician or DJ, event organizer or installation planner should have the freedom to create and realize their sound ideas the way they wish. It’s why the innovative LD Systems® products have been designed with such passion around the needs of the user. In particular, attention has been focused on their performance, reliability, ease of handling and design aesthetics. Developed in Germany these features are what make our mobile PAs, loudspeakers, audio installation solutions, wireless microphones and in-ear systems, really stand out from the crowd.


Nothing fascinates people in quite the same way as spectacular light. This is what dedicated professional lighting designers and technicians are most enthusiastic about. For these highly demanding „Lumen Beings“, Cameo® offers powerful, easy-to-use, state-of-the-art products that allow concert stages, theatres, discotheques and architecture to be seen in the very best light. The Cameo® product line has been developed in Germany and includes everything from the most modern moving heads, PAR spotlights, LED Fresnels and lasers, to incredible effects machines. Dramatic, beautiful light is the essential that arouses both great passion and deep emotion.


You love to create or there's a job to be done. With a Gravity® Stand you don't waste time, focusing on what matters most. A Gravity® Stand is more than just a simple support. It is your trusty companion, keeping your microphones, loudspeakers, lights, instruments, tablets and much more in the right place – no matter whether you’re live on stage, recording in the studio, at home or on the move. Gravity® Stands combine superior build quality and durability with smart features and stylish design. This is based on our extra strong precision tubes, die-cast zinc and the double injection-moulded thermoplastic knobs. The Touring Series – for the professional rental market – goes one step further, with an all-metal construction that’s built to handle even the toughest situations. One thing that all Gravity® products have in common is their easy and efficient handling. Straight out of the box, you’ll feel connected with your new Gravity® Stand.


If you organize events, you know you have a special responsibility for both people and equipment. Cables and hoses are easily damaged and can quickly become trip hazards. Whatever the environment, be it industrial halls, construction sites, trade fairs, or on film and television sets, those responsible within the industry, our public institutions, civilian rescue services, fire brigades and the military, must find the most effective way to protect the working environment.

DEFENDER® cable protectors, are the German made solution with an innovative, non-slip surface design. They protect cables and hoses at different load levels, including defense and accessibility by heavy goods vehicles. Our highly robust cable protection systems consist of particularly hard-wearing, recyclable TPU (thermoplastic polyurethane). They meet the highest quality standards and are easy to use, thanks to their secure locking lids and self-cleaning hinges. Regularly tested and approved by TÜV-SÜD. DEFENDER® also offers custom-made products and system solutions to meet unique individual requirements.


Musicians have been appreciating the pristine sound they can achieve with Palmer® products for decades. Whether live or in the studio. “Be true to your sound” today also means the purity of the sound signals for both studio pros and home studio users.

Today, years of incredible know-how about tried and tested analog circuits is intelligently linked to modern, digital technology. The best of both worlds, so to speak. In the tradition of the brand, the new developments have been meticulously considered down to the last detail to ensure they meet the highest demands of professionals, both technically and aesthetically. With the DI boxes, line isolators, speaker simulators, controllers, studio monitors and many other sound aids, our total focus has always been on the purity of the sound and ease of use.

Adam Hall® Hardware

Every demanding case-maker expects hard-wearing, reliable and precision parts to be able to manufacture the most professional, highest quality flight cases. At the same time, they need to economically meet the specific demands of their customers.

Adam Hall® Hardware is a pioneer in this area and since the 1970’s has been developing a comprehensive range of case components in Germany. From 19“ rack accessories, to novel wood and plastic panels with properties beyond the usual, to every type of lock, corner, handle and aluminum profile. Simply put, Adam Hall Hardware is: "Your best case scenario”.

Adam Hall® Stage Equipment

The public don’t always see the variety of devices, accessories and materials that stage technicians and musicians use at events but are essential for the show to go on.

Without reliable, high-quality cables, power distributors and plugs, no concert can go smoothly, there’s no theatrical performance and no installation project. Stage accessories and consumables, like molton, gauze mesh or gaffer tape, among many other tools and consumables, are essential either on stage or in any permanent installation. Adam Hall® Stage Equipment offers a wide range of these "silent heroes".

Adam Hall® Cables

Cables are so much more than just a signal conductor - they build the neural system and lifeline of any system. An emotional amplifier that usually does its job discreetly in the background and yet plays a decisive role in the quality of a live show, studio production or fixed installation. Whether between a guitar and its amplifier, a power amplifier and a loudspeaker or a lighting console and a fixture: Adam Hall Cables not only connect devices of all kinds. They are connecting people.