We assume responsibility for the future. Learn more about our efforts to create a more sustainable company.

Responsibility for the Environment

We are an international manufacturer in dialogue with many people, companies, organizations, customers, and suppliers. For this reason, we are convinced of the necessity to take responsibility for the environment. In 2020, we were the first company in the event technology industry in Germany to be awarded with Green Globe Certification (see below).

An essential component of our environmentally friendly solutions is the 6,500 m² photovoltaic system on the roof of our company headquarters and connection to a local heating plant as an alternative to standard heating systems. For the further optimization of our energy supply, the expansion of our logistics center will create more than just new storage capacity. We are using the opportunity to build an additional photovoltaic system on the logistics building. This expansion will enable us to cover a major portion of our energy requirements with our own source of power generation.

Additional requirements for electricity will be drawn from green energy supplied by Greenpeace Energy (www.greenpeace-energy.de/geschaeftskunden.html), starting in January 2021. In the medium term, this will make it possible for us to cover 100% of our energy needs with environmentally sustainable sources and to significantly reduce our CO2 emissions. Sustainable mobility is also very important to us, which is why we provide our employees with charging facilities for e-bikes and e-cars in our parking lot.

To manage a company in harmony with social obligations towards employees and the human environment, one that sees itself responsibly as an integral part of the environment and whose preservation is not unconditionally subordinated to business success, is an active and ever-changing process requiring consistent effort. This is an essential characteristic of the corporate culture we have been able to create.

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Green Globe Certification

Since August 2020, the Adam Hall Group has been distinguished by Green Globe Certification – a worldwide standard for improving the economic, social, and ecological sustainability of companies. In Germany, the certification is verified and awarded by the Europäischen Verband der Veranstaltungs-Centren e.V. (EVVC, the European association of event centers).

Within the context of 41 mandatory certification criteria and more than 300 compliance indicators, we have addressed the issue of sustainability at all levels.

Additional information about Green Globe Certification:

Our cross-departmental Team Green and our Sustainability Specialist are committed to optimizing and implementing sustainable solutions. In this way, we contribute to designing our business activities in a more sustainable manner.

Sustainable Event Solutions

Sustainable Event Solutions

To foster sustainable developments within the event industry, we sponsor Sustainable Event Solutions – a platform whose mission it is to actively promote and bring forth sustainability in the industry. Stefan Lohmann, Head of Sustainable Event Solutions, has developed the Sustainability Checklist and Sustainability Rider to provide suggestions on how to make event design sustainable. A database also provides a clear overview of companies in the event industry that offer sustainable products or services. The Adam Hall Group with its DEFENDER® brand cable protector systems is also listed there.

Social Commitment

Music Academy
SPH Bandcontest

The issue of sustainability also plays an increasingly important role in our social commitment. In January 2020 we, together with many other supporters, organized the multi-vision show "The World of Tomorrow – A Family Tracking Climate Change" in the auditorium of the Experience Center. During the event we were able to offer a platform where interested individuals could educate themselves on the topic of climate change and engage with others.

We are a manufacturer and distributor of event technology and equipment for musicians. This explains why for us, music is a central priority. We have been happy to support up-and-coming bands, talented musicians, schools, and groups through equipment sponsoring and participation in other activities, which have significantly expanded. We are also a member of various associations that support the active playing of music as well as professionalization and continuing education within the event technology industry.


Projects of Adam Hall Equipment Sponsoring:

[MA] Music Academy (Germany-wide) – www.music-academy.com
Musiker ohne Grenzen e.V. – www.musikerohnegrenzen.de
SPH Bandcontest  – www.sph-bandcontest.de
Jam-Liner Projekt der staatl. Musikhochschule Hamburg - www.jamliner.net
Marking Culture Start-Up Platform Coburg - www.makingculture.de
Vermut Solidario Barcelona – www.fundaciondiariodeuncuidador.org/la-fundacion
A Kiss For All The World – www.akissforalltheworld.org/en/home-a-kiss-for-all-the-world
3quatre – www.3quatre.fr
Hans Thomann-Stiftung – www.hansthomannstiftung.de
Minds – www.minds.org.sg
Music for All – www.musicforall.org.uk
La Victrola – www.lavictrola.org
National Foundation for Youth Music – www.youthmusic.org.uk/
Music bewegt – www.musik-bewegt.de/
CMS – Coordinadora Músicos Sabadell – www.sbdmusics.com/

Responsibility for employees

Employee Responsibility

In addition to the responsibility of running a successful business and thereby ensuring the continued existence and healthy growth of the Adam Hall Group, the company also offers secure jobs – to the people who help create this success with their commitment and enthusiasm. People who value an engaging and comfortable environment and who are happy to be a part of their team. The Adam Hall Group Code of Conduct makes it clear that the socially minded company is committed to giving employees a perspective and supporting them in their further training and development.

Those who wish to gain experience at international locations are offered the numerous opportunities that an internationally positioned company can afford.

The Adam Hall Group is a company that offers training because it is convinced of the importance of providing such a service. We see it not only as an offer for the trainees and students themselves, but also as an opportunity for the company, which can benefit from new ideas and qualifications.

Employment and health protection are important to us. The occupational safety officer ensures compliance with all regulations and the implementation of necessary measures, while a company doctor is responsible for medical care and prevention. We implemented a company health management system in January 2019. The central goal is to create a health-promoting environment for our employees, in which they can maintain or – in the best case scenario – even improve their work and performance until they retire. We offer our employees a wide range of supporting programs, including after-workout sports treatment courses, yoga, active breaks and nutritional consultations. True to the motto "The focus is on the person".

Quality Management

Quality Management

The Adam Hall Group places the highest value on establishing and maintaining central quality standards and guidelines. For this reason, all products are subjected to the strict testing and certification programs of respected external, independent testing institutes. In this way, we guarantee permanent, professional quality management for products and system solutions. Research & Development exclusively uses equipment from renowned manufacturers such as Rohde & Schwarz, Bruker, Hameg, Chroma, and Yogokawa for its numerous measurement and testing environments. This is used to carry out technical analyses and testing and measurement procedures that are, among other things, used in joint product development with our business partners.


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Your contact

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