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Sustainability in the event industry

Sustainability is becoming an increasingly important topic in many industries, and in recent years, more and more people in the event industry have been focussing on the specific challenges and opportunities for our sector. Be it the need for more sustainable concepts for festivals or tours, more energy-efficient event technology, the demand for ethically sound and recyclable products, and much more: the topics that concern our industry in the context of sustainability are as diverse as the trades within our industry itself.


In recent years, a number of pioneering initiatives such as Sustainable Event Solutions and the Green Music Initiative were founded to address specific sustainability issues in our industry and advance sustainable solutions in the event sector.


We support these initiatives in order to draw even more attention to the issue of sustainability in our industry. Because only with the support of many can we jointly prepare our industry for the next steps towards sustainability.

Sustainable Event Solutions

Green Music Initiative

We also support the "Green Music Initiative", a platform that is committed to promoting a climate-friendly music and entertainment industry. The initiative led by founder Jacob Bilabel works closely with research institutes, stakeholders and artists to develop and implement exemplary reduction strategies.


Further initiatives

We are also signatories to the „Call for the promotion of a sustainable event industry (VDVO)", which was formed during the Covid pandemic in order to achieve the transition to a sustainable, future-proof event industry.