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Employees and social commitment

As an internationally active and quality-conscious company, we organise our business activities on the basis of fundamental social and ethical values. Across all levels, we act according to a holistic understanding of all business processes that is in line with internationally applicable legal and human rights regulations. Our actions are therefore characterised by values such as fairness, respect, reliability and transparency, which are reflected both in our dealings with employees and in our dealings with business partners, customers and suppliers. This means that all business processes can be tracked and evaluated in a standardised manner.

Responsibility for our employees

In addition to our responsibility to ensure a successful business outcome that secures the continued existence and healthy growth of the Adam Hall Group, we also take responsibility for the people who help to shape this success with joy, passion and daily commitment, as well as for their families. In order to reward them for their efforts as a socially responsible company, we have established a range of flexible benefits that help to ensure that our employees receive appropriate support during their working hours, can take advantage of a variety of company offers and experience a healthy work-life balance through sufficient recreation in their free time.

Our corporate values – the basis of our actions

In our daily work with colleagues as well as with external partners, service providers and customers, our aim is to live by the corporate values of the Adam Hall Group in a tangible way. This is reflected both in the collaboration within the various departments and in external contact.

In doing so, we want to emphasise that diversity is one of the keys to creativity, innovation and exchange and that we support equal opportunities from the ground up – the people, their knowledge and their skills are what count for us. This basic attitude is an integral part of our corporate culture.In our view, diversity can also be an opportunity for our industry beyond the scope of the Adam Hall Group in order to continue to grow and attract new employees despite the shortage of skilled labour.

Participation in climate protection campaigns

In addition to our commitment to values such as the Diversity Charter, we work with our employees to support international campaigns such as World Clean Up Day and Earth Hour. By taking part, we create more attention and awareness for the topic of sustainability in general among our employees and our direct environment.


Our social commitment

Music Academy
SPH Bandcontest

For us, sustainability also means assuming social responsibility. For us, investing in social projects is therefore also an investment in a sustainable, socially just future. In today's world, where business and society are more closely connected than ever before, we believe it is more important than ever that companies (like us) take their social responsibility seriously and act accordingly.


As a manufacturer and distributor of event technology and equipment for musicians, our focus is on music, art and culture and a passion for events. This is why we support young artists and up-and-coming cultural projects with funding or material and equipment sponsorships. We are also a member of various industry associations and support initiatives that promote active music-making and professionalisation and further training in the event industry.


We also support regional and international projects in the areas of sustainability and social issues such as refugee aid, basic medical care and peace projects. We support larger and smaller NGOs and initiatives that we have carefully selected with regular financial donations.


These include: