DEFENDER "SUMMER 2024" COMPETITION - Terms & Conditions | Adam Hall Group

Terms and Conditions of Participation for the Facebook, Instagram and LinkedIn Contest

1. Validity of the Terms and Conditions of Participation, Contest Organizer

(1) The following terms and conditions apply for the participation in the contest operated by

Company name: Adam Hall GmbH
Company headquarters and address: Adam-Hall-Straße 1, 61267 Neu-Anspach, Germany
Contact information: Tel.: +49 - 6081 94 19 - 0 / E-mail:
(hereinafter referred to as: Organizer)

(2) Participation in the contest is free of cost. The Terms and Conditions of Participation governing the contest events and execution are published on the Adam Hall Group’s website and are valid for the respective contest upon participating in the contest.



2. Participation

(1) The contest begins on June 12, 2024 at 10:00 a.m. (CET) and ends on August 11, 2024 at 23:59 p.m. (CET.).


(2) Participants can take part in the online contest during this time. Participation is only possible within the period of participation. Posts and ratings received after this period shall be excluded from the prize draw.


(3) To participate in the contest, the following requirements must be met:

a) Share a photo in which DEFENDER® cable protectors can be seen.
b) Mention at which summer event YOU SPOTTED our cable bridges
c) Tag the “Adam Hall Group” account on Facebook, Instagram or LinkedIn
d) Link the hashtag #DefenderProtectsYourSummer24


(4) Participation in the contest with more than one social media profile per person is not allowed. Repeat submissions of this kind shall be excluded from the prize draw.


(5) The participant must comply with Facebook, Instagram or LinkedIn Policies during participation. In particular, he/she may not misrepresent himself/herself or his/her friends (e.g. a photo where these individuals are not visible). Posts and comments must not infringe third-party rights.


(6) The participant name shall be used and made available to the public in connection with the contest, the prize draw, processing, and/or presentation of posts made by the participant on the Organizer’s Facebook, Instagram or LinkedIn page or which were made on the Organizer’s Facebook, Instagram or LinkedIn page by third parties on behalf of the participant.



3. Persons Eligible to Participate

(1) Natural persons who have reached the legal age, who reside in North America, or a member state of the European Union, and who have turned 18 are eligible to participate. Participation is not limited to the Organizer’s customers and is not conditional on the purchase of a good or service.


(2) If the legal capacity of the participant is restricted, he/she must obtain the consent of his/her legal representative to participate in the contest. Proof of such consent must be presented in the event that the participant wins.


(3) The following persons are not eligible to participate in the contest: Employees, salaried staff, or vicarious agents of the Organizer and any affiliated companies as well as relatives and dependents of the aforementioned individuals, as well as any persons who were involved in the organization and implementation of the contest and their relatives and dependents.


(4) The Organizer reserves the express right to exclude persons from participating in the contest if there is concrete evidence of improper or unlawful participation, in particular in the following cases:

a) Manipulation or misuse in entering the contest or in executing the contest
b) Violations of the Terms and Conditions of Participation
c) False or misleading information provided to participate in the contest
d) Participation under a false identity or with third-party identities
e) Photos or any other content that violates rights is posted, uploaded, or published
f) The composition and publication of unlawful comments, in particular any comments of an offensive, violent, extremist, harassing, abusive, pornographic, or obscene nature or which are socially tactless in any other way.


(5) The Organizer is entitled to subsequently revoke the prize and hold a new prize draw if a winner who has been selected has already been disqualified as a participant.



4. Prizes

The following prizes shall be distributed among the winners:

  • One LD Systems brand product
  • Promotional products of the Organizer


Both only as long as supplies last.



5. Prize Draw, Notification, and Prize Delivery

(1) The winners will be randomly selected from among the participants within the following day of the contest closing.


(2) A maximum of one prize shall be awarded per participant.


(3) Winners shall be notified via the Facebook, Instagram or LinkedIn comment function. Winners will also be requested in the notification about winning to e-mail the organizer within two weeks. The e-mail must provide the Organizer with their correct name and delivery address so that the respective prize can be sent to him/her.


(4) If the Organizer does not receive an e-mail with the complete and truthful information of the winner (name and delivery address) within two weeks of receiving the notification about winning, the claim to the prize shall expire. In this case, the Organizer is entitled to hold a new draw to award the prize.


(5) The Organizer shall bear the costs of delivering the prizes. Prizes shall be shipped with Deutsche Post. Liability transfers to the winner upon transferring the prize to the shipping party. The winner shall be responsible for paying any taxes due on their prize.


(6) If the winner does not accept the prize or if the delivery of the prize cannot be made, although the Organizer has taken all the necessary steps to deliver the prize, the Organizer is not required to further investigate the winner’s mailing address. The prize shall expire in this case. Within the process of holding a new prize draw, the Organizer is entitled to select a new winner.


(7) The Organizer reserves the right to make changes to material prizes as presented in advertising in terms of color, model, dimensions, etc. The Organizer must award material prizes of average kind and quality.



6. Non-Transferable and Non-Exchangeable Prizes

Material prizes cannot be exchanged. No warranty is provided for material prizes. Cash payment in lieu of the prize is not possible. Prizes are non-transferable.



7. Contest Close

The Organizer reserves the express right to terminate the contest either partially or entirely without prior notice and without giving reasons if there is any evidence that the contest cannot otherwise be carried out as planned, in particular due to technical reasons (e.g. because of computer viruses, tampering with or errors in software or hardware) or legal reasons (e.g. based on a Facebook, Instagram or LinkedIn ban).



8. Purchase of Organizer Products or Services

The purchase of Organizer products and/or services does not influence or affect the contest outcome in any way.



9. Privacy Policy

The following personal data must be provided in order to participate in the contest: First name, last name, e-mail address, social media address, mailing address. The participant declares that the personal information which he/she voluntarily provided is complete and true. The Organizer collects and uses this personal data exclusively for the purpose of carrying out the contest and for delivering prizes to participants selected as winners. It is not possible to participate in this contest without providing such personal data. The legal basis for the collection of personal data in connection with participating in the contest is Article 6 (1) (b) and (f) GDPR.


Personal data (name and address) shall be disclosed to the authorized shipping company in order to deliver the prize.


In the event of winning, the winner agrees to his/her name and place of residence being published for the purpose of announcing the prize on the Organizer’s Facebook, Instagram or LinkedIn page. The participant can revoke his/her consent in this regard at any time without giving reasons. Participation may be revoked using any of the Organizer’s aforementioned contact options. After revocation, the online announcement of the winner shall be immediately removed from the Organizer's Facebook, Instagram or LinkedIn page.


(4) If the Organizer does not receive an e-mail with the complete and truthful information of the winner (name and delivery address) within two weeks of receiving the notification about winning, the claim to the prize shall expire. In this case, the Organizer is entitled to hold a new draw to award the prize.


For all inquiries regarding data privacy and for exercising rights in accordance with Articles 12 to 23 GDPR, you can get in touch with the Organizer using any of the aforementioned contact options. Further information on the Organizer’s privacy policy is available at Privacy Policy & Cookies.



10. Facebook, Instagram and LinkedIn

The Organizer shall use the social media platforms Facebook, Instagram and LinkedIn to carry out the contest. Facebook, Instagram or LinkedIn are in no way associated with the contest nor do they sponsor, support or organize the contest. By participating in the contest, the participant indemnifies Facebook, Instagram or LinkedIn of any liability. The processing of personal data on Facebook, Instagram or LinkedIn is governed by the terms and conditions of use and privacy policy of the social network operators Meta Platforms, Inc., located in Menlo Park, California, USA and LinkedIn Inc., located in Sunnyvale, California, USA. The Organizer has no influence over this.



11. Applicable Law/No Recourse to Legal Action

Questions, suggestions, or complaints in connection with the execution of the contest can be addressed to the Organizer using any of the aforementioned contact options.


The law of the Federal Republic of Germany applies to the Organizer’s contest and to these Terms and Conditions of Participation.


Should the Terms and Conditions of Participation contain any invalid provisions, the validity of the other conditions of participation shall remain unaffected.


Any recourse to legal action shall be excluded.