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What sustainability means to us:

As a global manufacturer of professional event technology and AV solutions with locations in Europe, North America and Asia, we have a clear mission: to be an amplifier of emotions through event technology. With our products, we enable people to share wonderful moments with each other across national borders. In this way, we want to make a positive social impact.


At the same time, we are aware of the fact that our actions have an impact on the climate and our environment, but also on the people who work for or with us or who are affected by our daily work. We therefore want to take responsibility for the ecological, social and economic impact of our business activities by helping to shape a more sustainable world through various measures. Also in the interest of future generations.

We align our actions with international standards

Our sustainability management is based on common definitions of sustainability and officially recognised sustainability standards. And because sustainability is an ongoing process and we need to keep improving, we are always keen to develop new ideas and innovative solutions to make our company more sustainable.


In order to implement the concept of sustainability in our corporate strategy in the medium to long term, we are also pursuing the goal of developing a sound and clean sustainability strategy for our company, as we are certain that we can all benefit from a more sustainable mindset and create a better future together.


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More than climate protection

Although protecting the climate is one of the most important levers for the sustainable development of our planet, we are working on a holistic sustainability strategy for our company. In addition to ecological goals, this also includes economic aspects such as the EU Taxonomy Regulation as well as social standards in the supply chains, the well-being of our employees and social commitment.

You can find out more about our social sustainability activities in the Employees and social commitment section.


Sustainability reporting

From 2026, we are legally obliged to submit a comprehensive sustainability report for the year 2025 that transparently presents our sustainability performance to our various stakeholders. We are currently preparing this report and, among other things, have started the carbon balancing of our company in 2021 in order to make our emissions measurable and at the same time create starting points for avoidance and reduction.


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Your contact for sustainability:

Constanze Faulenbach

Corporate Communication Manager