Global growth based on fundamental values – with openness, transparency, dynamism and trust in a sustainable future.
The Adam Hall Group builds on a long history in the industry. As both a manufacturer and distributer, with a market share that is currently steadily growing, and as an innovative, modern company, we have our eyes set on an even more impressive future. All of this makes responsible management indispensable. Sustainable strategies and structures, in all divisions all the way to Management, help with this.

As a manufacturer and distributer for event technology, with a strong relationship to music, we are convinced: it's not just the tune you play, but how you play it! That's why we treat all of our employees with respect and prize mutual respect in our business with customers and partners. Despite the increasing internationalisation of Adam Hall Group, we also maintain a strong connection with the region – as an employer and also as part of the social and cultural life of our headquarters in Neu-Anspach, near Frankfurt, Germany.

Executive Management

David Kirby
(Executive Chairman / Founder)

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Musician David Kirby, born in Kent, England, discovered his love for Germany in the 1970s during his many tours. He then found his second home in Taunus, Hesse. After arriving in Germany, the now Executive Chairman of the Adam Hall Group founded Adam Hall GmbH in the 1980s, which at that time was a sister firm of Adam Hall Ltd., which had been founded by Mr. Adam Hall near London 5 years earlier. In the years that followed, David took on a majority stake in the whole company and, with drive and determination, started building up the Adam Hall brand. In the 33 years that ensued, he was responsible for the highly successful journey of the Adam Hall Group as the sole managing director. As part of the forward-looking management buy-out that he planned in 2013, which resulted in today's managing directors Alexander Pietschmann (CEO) and Markus Jahnel (COO) purchasing shares in the company, David is still actively involved in important strategic issues.

David's personal interests include classic cars and vintage rallies. He takes part in these when time allows it. He also enjoys travelling and, as a passionate sailor, likes being on water the most. And the keen bassist naturally has lost nothing of his old love for music. He is still the heart and soul of the very popular Adam Hall Company Band.

Alexander Pietschmann

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After his high school graduation in 2000, Alexander Pietschmann, who was born in 1980 in Dresden, started his commercial law studies at the University of Applied Sciences in Frankfurt am Main, and successfully graduated as a commercial lawyer in 2006. During this time Alex also founded an event company, which later became a well-known restaurant and live club. After selling the company, Alex started his career at the Adam Hall Group, where he was initially responsible for law and IT. He also developed a new marketing strategy for the company.

In 2010, Alex became an authorised representative and member of the executive management. As part of the succession plan and upcoming generational change, in 2013 he and Markus Jahnel purchased shares from the previous director and GmbH founder David Kirby as part of an MBO. Alex was then appointed as Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of the Adam Hall Group. He is an enthusiastic leadership and innovation coach, and ESMT, IMD and MIT alumnus. In his spare time Alex spends a lot of time with his children and family, and also enjoys sport and meditation. But his private life isn't complete without event technology and music. Alex, who comes from a family of musicians, developed a passion for the production and mixing of music at a young age. Even today, he DJs when the opportunity arises.

Other responsibilities:
Product Management

Markus Jahnel

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Born in Weilrod, Markus Jahnel's journey took him from his vocational baccalaureate to training as a publisher and almost two years in the German Armed Forces. In 1989, Markus finally joined the Adam Hall Group, where he worked in sales until 1995. He attended evening classes at the IHK and, in 1996, graduated as a business administrator. Following this, Markus worked for almost ten years for Adam Hall GmbH, first as a Sales Representative and then as Global Sales Manager, supervising the sales department, before being promoted to General Manager of the Adam Hall Group. In the course of the management buy-outs in 2013, he became a shareholder in the company along with Alexander Pietschmann as part of the succession plan and pending generational change. Since then, he has served as Chief Operating Officer (COO) and is responsible for the entire operative business of the Adam Hall Group.

Markus' personal interests are almost as diverse as the Adam Hall Group product range: As well as sport, which includes running, football and fitness boxing, Markus is also a fan of good music across an eclectic variety of genres. He reads a lot and loves travel, whether for business or for pleasure with his family.

Other responsibilities:
Sales & Distribution

Senior Management

Finance, Human Resources & Administration

Sven Wagner
Financial Director

Logistics, Service, QM &
Supply Chain

Christian Krause
Head of Logistics & Supply Chain

Research & Development

Benjamin Lampert
Research & Development Manager

Information Technology

Andreas Modschiedler
Head of IT & Digital


Nikke Blout
Global Marketing Director

Business Development

Bodo Falkenried
Head of Global Business Development