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Adam Hall 19" Parts Cool Light...

874571WHI Adam Hall 19" Parts Cool Light - Éclairage de Rack 19" 1 U blanc satin
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Poids : 0,47 kg/Pièce(s)
10 Pièce(s)

Adam Hall 19" Parts Cool Light - Éclairage de Rack 19" 1 U blanc satin

Référence: 874571WHI
USD 50,68/Pièce(s)
(Prix de vente recommandé en Allemagne y compris 19% T.V.A.) | EUR 45,00
874571WHI Manuel d Manuel d'utilisation [224,0 KB]

LED-racklights produce light by means of light-emitting diodes, which last practically forever. Emitted via an optical system which can be rotated to adjust the angle of the beam, the light illuminates the entire width of the rack. Three models are available: multi-colour (6 colours, selectable), blue and white. The multi-colour COOL-LIGHT can be set to cycle automatically through the 6 colours. Thanks to the LED technology, COOL-LIGHT does not become hot and radiate almost no heat. All COOL-LIGHT products are supplied with a 5 V adapter.

  • Dimensions (L x W x H): 47,80 cm x 4,50 cm x 6,00 cm
  • Colour: satin white
Stage Equipment 2016
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