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Huge range of Flightcase fittings, musicians needs, music equipment, cable crossover, audio tools
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Audac SLM 700 - Sonomètre

AUSLM700 Audac SLM 700 - Sonomètre
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Poids : 0,4 kg/Pièce(s)
1 Pièce(s)

Audac SLM 700 - Sonomètre

Référence: AUSLM700
USD 240,11/Pièce(s)
(Prix de vente recommandé en Allemagne y compris 19% T.V.A.) | EUR 215,00
AUSLM700 Manuel Utilisation - Audac SLM700 Manuel Utilisation - Audac SLM700 [477,6 KB]

The SLM700 is a stable, safe and reliable sound level meter, designed for all kinds of sound level measurements and compliant to all international standards for sound level meters.

It can be switched between two different weighting frequency filters (A and C type) and has a fast (peak value, 125 msec) and slow (average value, 1 sec) operation mode. Other functions like a hold button and a Minimum/Maximum mode are also present. The total measurement range is adjustable in four steps of 30dB ~ 80 dB, 50 dB ~ 100 dB, 60 dB ~ 110 dB and 80 dB ~ 130 dB, and can be set manually or by auto ranging. Two 3.5mm AC and DC output jacks, a calibration potentiometer and a 6 V DC power connector are present.

Supplied with: Microphone windshield, carrying case, 4 x 1.5V (AA) Battery and instruction manual.

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