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Audac LCR 700 - Appareil de Mesure...

AULCR700 Audac LCR 700 - Appareil de Mesure Numérique Impédance Capacité Inductance
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Poids : 0,37 kg/Pièce(s)
1 Pièce(s)

Audac LCR 700 - Appareil de Mesure Numérique Impédance Capacité Inductance

Référence: AULCR700
USD 246,08/Pièce(s)
(Prix de vente recommandé en Allemagne y compris 19% T.V.A.) | EUR 221,00
AULCR700 Fiches Techniques - Audac LCR700 Fiches Techniques - Audac LCR700 [483,1 KB]

The LCR700 is a digital LCR measurement appliance, essential for sound and electronic engineers. Measurements can be made for induction, capacitance and resistance and the dissipation factor (D) can be read-out on a second display. It can be set to auto-ranging or manual mode, and all measurements can be carried out on two different frequency's, 120 Hz and 1 kHz. This allows measurements of great accuracy on all kinds of specimen. An RS232 optical interface is provided to allow communication with a computer, and the Auto-Power OFF function helps to conserve the lifespan of the battery.

Supplied with: RS232 PC connection cable, test leads, shock absorbing cover, software, instruction manual.

Audac Catalogue 2016
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